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Technology Safeguards Agreement Clears the Path for U.S. Space Launches from Australia’s Arnhem Space Centre

October 31, 2023/by mediamanager
Blueflite CDU

Blueflite Initiates Collaborative Ventures in the Northern Territory

October 27, 2023/by mediamanager
HoldAccess WUNA

ConnectID Launch – Celebrating with HoldAccess (WUNA)

October 26, 2023/by mediamanager

Liandra steals the spotlight at Melbourne Fashion Week’s opening runway

October 26, 2023/by mediamanager

From Croc Pitch to Genius NY Pitch, Blueflite Claims $1 Million Top Prize

October 19, 2023/by mediamanager
Export Award Spee3d AusNorth

Winners announced at the 2023 Chief Minister’s NT Export Awards

October 18, 2023/by mediamanager
Agricultural Robotics

Croc Pitch winner’s psychology of robotics in industrial settings

October 16, 2023/by mediamanager

Celebrating Innovation Excellence!

October 11, 2023/by mediamanager
Dante Territory Q

Event Fatigue Is Real

October 2, 2023/by mediamanager
Liandra London Fashion Week

First Nations designs take London Fashion Week by storm

September 22, 2023/by mediamanager
2023 NT Export AWards

Territory businesses on show for NT Export Awards

September 19, 2023/by mediamanager
SPEE3D Byron

Bridging Innovation and Defence in the Asia Pacific: SPEE3D’s 3D Printers to Transform Japan’s Military Operations

September 14, 2023/by mediamanager
Liandra Vogue

Fashion First

September 12, 2023/by mediamanager

Face forward: Breakout model Tarlisa Gaykamangu covers Vogue’s September issue

September 11, 2023/by mediamanager
Katherine High School

Katherine High School Students Get Pitch Perfect

September 11, 2023/by mediamanager
Agricultural Robotics

Agriculture was Top Dog at Croc Pitch 2023

August 29, 2023/by mediamanager
GovHack DIH

Annual Open Government Data Competition GovHack launched at DIH

August 25, 2023/by mediamanager
Innospace ELA

Equatorial Launch Australia signs multi-launch contract with INNOSPACE to conduct orbital launches from the Arnhem Space Centre

August 22, 2023/by mediamanager
Croc Pitch Agricultural Robotics

NT News: Robotic mango harvester wins million dollar Croc Pitch 2023 first prize

August 22, 2023/by mediamanager

SPEE3D Successfully Participates in Annual US Marines Corps Integrated Training Exercise 4-23

August 17, 2023/by mediamanager
Liandra Swim Austrade

Singapore Landing Pad empowers First Nations

August 16, 2023/by mediamanager
Jason Hold Access

NAB Digital Next: Bridging the gap for First Nations Australians in a digitalised economy

August 5, 2023/by mediamanager
Croc Pitch Agricultural Robotics

Reshaping Northern Australia’s farming future through innovation

August 3, 2023/by mediamanager
Croc Pitch finalists

Croc Pitch Runners Up will benefit from Investment Ready grant

August 1, 2023/by mediamanager

ABC Rural: Mango-picking robot snaps up $1 million in venture capital from Croc Pitch event in Darwin

July 28, 2023/by DIH Media

Robotic Harvester snapped up in Croc Pitch challenge

July 28, 2023/by mediamanager
HoldAccess Wuna

Can technology make society more equitable? Humanitech and the Telstra Foundation believe it can

July 8, 2023/by mediamanager
Territory Q PAtrick

Introducing DIH General Manager: Patrick Chan

July 3, 2023/by mediamanager
DIH Team


June 30, 2023/by mediamanager
Thank you team

Thank you, team

June 20, 2023/by mediamanager
Corrosion Instruments Cathode

Corrosion Instruments launches Sam Pattemore’s anti-rust invention

June 15, 2023/by mediamanager

SPEE3D partners with the University of Applied Sciences Hamburg to boost 3D printing opportunities for students in Europe

June 4, 2023/by mediamanager
Liandra Next Gen

Liandra Swim Opens The Australian Fashion Week’s Next Gen Runway

May 23, 2023/by mediamanager
Liandra Swim

Honouring Our Past As The Future Of Fashion

May 22, 2023/by mediamanager

The snowball effect: NT fund grows success for 3D metal printing firm

May 18, 2023/by mediamanager
Minister Ed Husic

Minister Ed Husic Visits PIIF Investee Companies In Darwin

April 28, 2023/by mediamanager
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