The meeting point for commercialising business in Northern Australia.

The meeting point for commercialising business in Northern Australia.


From networking events, guest speaker workshops, and industry meetups to open co-working days, mentoring sessions, and after-hour business social activities, you can be sure there’ll be an event coming up for you.

Interested in hosting a business event at the DIH, contact our Events Team to discuss how we can help make your next event a stand out!


Recent on the DIH, Innovation & startup ecosystem

AAI Shinmaywa aircrafts

Amphibian Aerospace Industries Projects Gets Major Boost

July 25, 2022/by mediamanager
Final NASA Rocket ELA

Three successful NASA rocket launches from ELA with many more to come

July 15, 2022/by mediamanager
Croc Pitch Conference

Croc Pitch at Developing Northern Australia Conference 2022

July 12, 2022/by mediamanager
Arnhem Second Rocket

SISTINE Mission Success – The Second of Three NASA Rocket Launch 2022

July 7, 2022/by mediamanager

Breaking Down Defence Barriers

July 1, 2022/by mediamanager
ELA Rocket Launch

SkyNews: NASA launches rocket in Australia in ‘landmark’ first

June 28, 2022/by mediamanager
Australia Rocket Launch

One Lift Off, Two To Go – ELA’s First Rocket Launch

June 27, 2022/by mediamanager
Arnhem Launch Schedule

Arnhem Space Centre Rocket Launch Schedule & Information

June 22, 2022/by mediamanager
ELA NASA Collaboration

Sky News: Australia’s domestic space industry to make history with NASA collaboration

June 11, 2022/by mediamanager
NT rockets work

NT News: How the Top End’s rocket launches will work and what will happen next

June 11, 2022/by mediamanager
NASA launch NT

ABC News: NASA to launch rockets from NT

June 10, 2022/by mediamanager
south Korea DIH

South Korea Delegations at Darwin Innovation Hub

June 10, 2022/by mediamanager
prime minister space launch

ABC News: Prime Minister announces planned NASA launch from Arnhem Space Centre

June 9, 2022/by mediamanager
DNA Croc Pitch

Congratulations to our Croc Pitch Shortlist Finalists for 2022 DNA Conference

June 8, 2022/by mediamanager
ELA first launch

Equatorial Launch Australia inches closer to NASA rocket blast-off

June 7, 2022/by mediamanager
SPEE3d Navy MaintenX

SPEE3D Selected for US Navy MaintenX Exercise

May 25, 2022/by mediamanager
INDO Pacific DIH

DIH at INDO PACIFIC International Maritime Exposition 2022

May 17, 2022/by mediamanager
ELA Territory Launch

ABC News: Rocketing into space from the territory

May 12, 2022/by mediamanager
Aliena Propulsion System

PIIF Investee’s Start-Up Created A Propulsion System For SpaceX

May 11, 2022/by mediamanager
DIH Space Projects

DIH Space Sector Spotlight: Progress on 3 Space Related Projects

May 2, 2022/by mediamanager
Corrosion Advanced Manufacturing Fund

First Grant Awarded under NT Advanced Manufacturing Ecosystem Fund

April 26, 2022/by mediamanager
Osaka Desert Bloom Hydrogen

Japanese energy giant to partner in ground-breaking green hydrogen project

April 20, 2022/by mediamanager
SPEE3D Melbourne Grand Prix

SPEE3D demonstrates world’s fastest metal 3D printer at Melbourne Grand Prix

April 14, 2022/by mediamanager
Work Stay Play

Work, Stay, Play Program Funding To Attract Critical Workers

April 7, 2022/by mediamanager
Venture Capital Innovation

Venture Capital Packing A Punch

April 1, 2022/by mediamanager
Innovation Strategy Territory

New strategy to deliver tech jobs and support innovators

March 21, 2022/by mediamanager
International Women's Day Darwin

“You can be whatever you want” – International Women’s Day 2022

March 10, 2022/by mediamanager
Darwin Aerospace Manufacturing Precinct

Darwin Aerospace Manufacturing Precinct

March 9, 2022/by mediamanager
Desert Bloom Hydrogen

Australia – Northern Territory fast Tracks $10 billion Hydrogen Project

March 4, 2022/by mediamanager
Dassault Systèmes AAI

Dassault Systèmes and Amphibian Aerospace Industries (AAI) Partner to Develop the Aerospace Sector in the Northern Territory of Australia

March 2, 2022/by mediamanager
G-111T Albatross territory

Albatross amphibious aircraft in the Northern Territory

February 22, 2022/by mediamanager
SPEE3D Defense Award

SPEE3D Inaugural Winner of U.S. Military Expeditionary Manufacturing Award

February 18, 2022/by mediamanager
NAIF Local Job Fund

Top jobs in the Top End

February 17, 2022/by mediamanager

Engineer appointed Northern Territory Infrastructure Commissioner

February 11, 2022/by mediamanager
Business Hardship Register

Business Hardship Register applications are now open

February 9, 2022/by mediamanager
International Women's Day Darwin

International Women’s Day Networking Lunch Event

February 4, 2022/by mediamanager
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