An opportunity exists for innovators and exporters to submit innovative solutions to business challenges.

Procter & Gamble are looking for new approaches and technologies that can help them to address key business challenges/opportunities.

The table below summarises the opportunities available which are outlined in detail in the links provided.

Submissions are open between 8 January and 5 February 2021.

For further information please refer to the P&G website

Title Description Location
Breakthrough Growth for Omnichannel Brands Multi-channel approaches (including e-commerce and DTC) and rapid consumer adoption has accelerated consumers’ expectations of brands, their products, and their supply chains as technology has continued to evolve. This shift has redefined supply chain and last-mile delivery made the traditional acquisition and attribution models obsolete and opened the door to hybrid and new go-to-market approaches. Seeking solutions across the Omnichannel landscape. Find out more North America and Europe
Making a Sustainable Lifestyle Effortless – 2030 By the year 2030, P&G aims to have 100% of our brands empowering, enabling and inspiring responsible consumption. How can P&G brands empower consumers to effortlessly lead a more sustainable lifestyle without any trade-offs (convenience, experience, performance, value)? We are looking for new technology-enabled solutions, services and business models that incentivize and drive behaviour change and make it easy/fun/rewarding to adopt responsible consumption habits. Find out more Global
Transformative Transactions Technologies to help P&G build an autonomous supply chain that delivers highly customized, consumer preferences with an end-to-end scope (sourcing, manufacturing, distribution). Find out more Global
AI Technologies for Digital Expert Advisors We are searching for potential partners and capabilities to raise the bar on digital advisors. Specifically, unique solutions and technologies that offer conversational AI technologies that enable natural, empathetic, long-form conversations. Find out more Global
Transforming Consumer Insight Research P&G covets privacy-preserving research methods that are capable of measuring actual behaviour of product use within actual use environments, inclusive of consumers’ homes.  Capturing and processing of measured data is critical. Advanced methods combining passive listening (sensors, audio, visual), edge computing with embedded AI development, and communication network technologies need to be integrated to limit data for transfer to the cloud and most importantly preserve privacy. Find out more Global
Synthetic Image and Label Data P&G uses images of consumers and products generated in research to develop new digitally enabled products. Evolving consumer needs requires more ‘data’ (e.g. image, video, text, audio, temporal signal ) to accelerate the development of new digital products for consumers. We are looking for potential solutions and technologies to automate the generation of ‘synthetic’ image and label data as a critical building block in developing algorithms and models. Find out more Global
Automation of Daily In-Home Consumer Tasks P&G is seeking technologies and services that automate daily in-home consumer tasks, chores and routines in meaningful and delightful ways. Including in-home robotic and personal care regimen automation. Find out more Global
Device Amplified Chemistry Looking for unique technical solutions for general cleaning problems that use primarily chemical means of action. A focus on the addition of energy (light, radiofrequency, electromagnetic fields) could enhance cleaning jobs. Framed as “energy amplified cleaning solutions”. Find out more Global
Zero Waste Haircare Our aim is to develop a Zero Waste Hair Care Solution. The goal is for no trash to be sent to landfills, incinerators or the ocean.   Such solutions would offer a zero-waste alternate to haircare products and the formulation could evolve around liquid, cream, gel, solids, powder and others. Services and packaging solutions are also in scope. Find out more Global
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