Albatross amphibious aircraft in the Northern Territory

G-111T Albatross territory

A major breakthrough spearheading advanced manufacturing in the Northern Territory.

On Monday, 14th February 2022, Croc Pitch 2021 winner, Amphibian Aerospace Industries (AAI), together with the Northern Territory Government and Paspalis Innovation Investment Fund (PIIF) signed an investment agreement to see seaplanes take off in the Territory.

Australian company AAI will build a new version of the legendary Albatross flying boat that can take off and touch down on land, snow, ice and water. The “new” G-111T, Albatross will feature new Pratt & Whitney PT6A-67F engines providing substantially improved performance, fuel economy and reliability, and will be manufactured in the Territory at Darwin International Airport.

This industry will deliver jobs for Territorians, a significant boost to the economy and take Territory-made advanced manufacturing to the world.

AAI president Khoa Hoang complimented the Australian Territory government for its progress in bringing aircraft manufacturing capacity back to the country:

“It had been a long time since sovereign aircraft manufacturing on this scale was considered viable in Australia, but the G-111T Albatross has one of the largest business cases in aircraft manufacturing, which makes it ideal to be manufactured locally and perfect to do right here in the Northern Territory.

Minister Michael Gunner shared our view that the G-111T Albatross is an incredible aircraft of great practical utility to mankind, regardless of whether it is for passenger transport, humanitarian aid, search and rescue, cargo transport, coastal surveillance, fight against drugs, or a range of other roles.

[This] announcement is just the very beginning, as we are already working on next-generation technologies to produce new variations, such as the Albatross with a zero-emission hybrid engine and even a stretched 44-seat variant.”

The vision for AAI is to be a world leader in the development and production of amphibian aerospace capabilities.

AAI is the holder of US Federal Aviation Administration “Type Certificate” for the HU-16 and G-111 Albatross amphibious aircraft. As the Type Certificate holder for the Albatross family of aircraft, the company is committed to providing ongoing product support and development in parallel with development of their own twin turboprop variants which will soon be available to the market.

The base model of the new Albatross will be the G-111T.

According to AAI, several variants will follow the G-111T on the market

  • Combi Passenger/Cargo – 28 pax plus 3 crew and luggage in a comfortable cabin equipped with a galley and restroom easily reconfigured to 4.5 T of useable cargo capacity for water operations
  • Aeromedevac – capable of transporting up to 12 stretcher cases in a single lift with basic patient monitoring systems
  • Aeromedical – 4-6 stretchers with capacity for more sophisticated medical monitoring and treatment capabilities
  • Search & Rescue – capable of missions of up to 12 hours, (extendable to 20 hours with external fuel tanks) equipped with mission systems and sensors tailored to specific customer requirements

Source: Dario Leone, The Aviation Geek Club

Croc Pitch 2021 Winner – Amphibian Aerospace Industries

Croc Pitch 2021

In October 2021, Amphibian Aerospace, a Victorian company who plan to manufacture and produce a modified amphibian aircraft from the Albatross family in Darwin, won the first prize of $1 million venture capital investment from Darwin Innovation Hub‘s annual flagship event, Croc Pitch. The Croc Pitch event consisted of some entrepreneurs and growing businesses that have a scalable innovation, product or technology that will provide a direct benefit to the Northern Territory.
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