Aliena is a finalist of ‘Aerospace’ Hello Tomorrow Global Summit

Aliena Hello Tomorrow

Congratulations to Paspalis Innovation Investment Fund (PIIF) investee, Aliena for being selected as one of the six finalists in the ‘Aerospace’ sector of Hello Tomorrow Global Summit – the leading worldwide competition for early-stage deep tech startups.

An international jury of experts from Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge reviewed over 4000 applications and selected 70 projects that stood out for their technological innovation, economic viability, leadership, team, and potential impact on our industries, planet and society. These startups are making truly accessible healthcare a reality and pioneering treatments for complex health problems. They’re regenerating ecosystems, designing new ways to tackle CO2 emissions and creating more circular, new materials. They’re leveraging quantum, artificial intelligence and robotics to build better quality and more efficient products, systems and industries.

“It’s hard to feel anything but optimism for the future when looking at these startups. They reveal the extraordinary ways nature and science can come together to radically reshape our society and industries for the better.” Arnaud de la Tour, CEO of Hello Tomorrow

Aliena Hello TomorrowAliena’s technology electric propulsion engines allow satellites to fly closer to Earth, and provide high-resolution data. They will be competing against companies from France, Italy, USA and Spain as they pitch to the jury of experts made up of scientists, investors, corporates and entrepreneurs.

The top three startups of each category will win one of the three equity-free prizes: €100K Grand Prize awarded by Natixis CIB, €30K 2nd prize awarded by X the moonshot factory and €20K 3rd prize awarded by Hello Tomorrow.

“I will showcase Aliena Pte Ltd’s core technological entitlement, the MUSIC plasma propulsion system, and our plans to offer mobility and unprecedented capabilities to small satellites flying in LEO, VLEO (very low Earth orbits) and beyond. All for a smarter economy, sustainable development, and improved living on Earth.” – George-Cristian Potrivitu, CTO of Aliena

Aliena will pitch to win at the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit on March 9th and 10th in Paris.

About Aliena

Aliena is a Singapore based startup company. Their electric propulsion systems provide agility in space to satellite operators, access to unprecedented orbits working with constellations, and ensure a sustainable space for the generations to follow.

In 2019, a Northern Territory based company, Paspalis Innovation Investment Fund invested in Aliena. The co-investment helped assist the company to launch a satellite into low orbit with its thruster technology.

In January 2022, one of Aliena’s own thrusters was part of a satellite that went to space on a rocket launched by billionaire Elon Musk’s company, SpaceX. Aliena has also nearly quadrupled its income last year to 7 figures this 2022.

This year, the Singapore Minister for Trade and Industry, Mr. Gan Kim Yong announced a space mission that Aliena’s MUSIC Hall effect thruster will be a part of. In addition to providing the MUSIC-HM propulsion system, Aliena’s engineers and scientists are actively contributing to the mission’s planning.