AmCham Alliance Award Finalists Announced

AmCham Alliance Awards

Congratulations to Carley Scott, CEO of Equatorial Launch Australia (ELA) for being one of the 2021 finalists in the space sector of the AmCham Alliance Awards.

It’s wonderful to see the hard work of Carley Scott and team be recognised nationally.

Sponsored by OneGlobalVentures | Presented by CSIRO CEO Dr Larry Marshall

  • John Culton III, Director, Andy Thomas Centre for Space Resources, University of Adelaide (SA)
  • Jason Held, CEO, Saber Astronautics (NSW)
  • Renae Sayers, Deputy Director, Space Science and Technology Centre, Curtin University (WA)
  • Carley Scott OAM, CEO, Equatorial Launch Australia (ELA) (VIC/NT)
  • Flavia Tata Nardini, CEO and Co-founder, Fleet Space Technologies (SA)

The inaugural AmCham Alliance Awards Gala will be held live in Sydney on 8th December 2021.

This exciting real-life black tie event will recognise and celebrate pathfinders from around the country in artificial intelligence, biotechnology, digital economy, energy and clean technology, quantum computing, and space. As acknowledged future industry leaders, the finalists have each demonstrated their innovation, ingenuity and intelligence through strong interactions with the United States and Australia. In recognising their achievements, AmCham will highlight key opportunities for future investment and encourage the next generation to enable even more.

The AmCham Alliance Awards Gala will also raise funds to finance a Fulbright Scholar Award to allow a talented Australian thought leader to undertake research at a prestigious university in the United States whilst also acting as an Australian cultural ambassador.

At the Gala, AmCham will also launch an overview of a series of forthcoming research papers by KPMG focused on the six key high-tech industries.

Find out more and register here.