Amphibian Aerospace Industries Officially Opens Their Northern Territory Hangar

AAI Hangar

Following the arrival of the Albatross Aircraft in Darwin last week, Amphibian Aircraft Industries (AAI) officially opened their hangar at Darwin Airport on Friday, 9th December 2022.

The Founder and Chairman of AAI, Khoa Hoang invited investors and partners to the opening of their first facilities, while showcasing the fuselage of their VH-NMO Albatross. Harley Paroulakis, CEO of Paspalis attended the fascinating event that has people extremely excited for the Albatross’ capabilities.

Helping to stimulate the Advanced Manufacturing industry in the Northern Territory, Darwin Innovation Hub facilitated the investment in AAI by the Paspalis Innovation Investment Fund (PIIF). AAI were the winners of Croc Pitch 2021, an annual DIH event with up to $1 million in venture capital as the prize, and are currently StartNT ambassadors. In 2022, PIIF invested into AAI in their seed stage.

“The PIIF team has been a large part of getting the program to where it is today” – Dan Webster, CEO of AAI

The 13 tonne aircraft was aboard three semitrailers from Victoria, and is currently being assembled and ready to start works on the restoration of the aircraft. The aircraft hasn’t been manufactured for sixty years, but all that is set to change with the current prototype being upgraded for civil aviation safety authority standards.

The Northern Territory will be Australia’s only manufacturer of the Albatross G-111T aircraft, which can take off and touch down from land, snow, ice and water. The Albatross G-111T will be used by defence, tourism, border security and search and rescue operations.

AAI will generate extensive value to the NT economy forecasting an annual revenue of over $100 million by the end of the decade with 300 direct jobs in the NT.

Earlier this year, AAI and established Japanese aircraft manufacturer, ShinMaywa signed a Memorandum of Understanding to co-operate in developing the amphibian aircraft manufacturing hub.

“The changes that we’re making is the engine, the avionics, some comfort features and overall, minor interior changes. It may not look like it now but AAI is planning to take to the skies by the second half of next year and then it’s the flow on benefits once production begins that really adds value to the Territory. We will be bringing not just AI, but our supply chain. Pilots will be trained here, engineers will be trained here, our customers will be collecting the aircraft here.” – Khoa Hoang, Chairman of AAI

The amphibious aircraft will transform the Territory’s aerospace industry and will be putting aviation back into Australia from the NT.

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