Amphibian Aerospace Industries Projects Gets Major Boost

AAI Shinmaywa aircrafts

Last week, Amphibian Aerospace Industries (AAI) and ShinMaywa signed a MOU in Japan on the 20th of July 2022, marking their official collaboration in amphibious aircrafts.

The Chief Minister Natasha Fyles witnessed the project-boosting signing between the two companies in Japan.

ShinMaywa manufactures the US-2 amphibious aircraft in Japan.  They are one of the few manufacturers globally of an amphibian aircraft and have advanced knowledge in areas such as water landing safety, bird strike hardening and anti-corrosion as well as significant engineering and manufacturing capabilities.

The Territory will become Australia’s first manufacturer and exporter of the iconic Albatross G-111T, an amphibious aircraft which can take off and touch down from land, snow, ice and water.

“AAI would also like to recognise ShinMaywa as a world leader in Amphibious Aircraft. We are looking forward to cooperating with them as we grow our capabilities to manufacture the G-111T in the Northern Territory.

“The G-111T will bring a much-needed transport capability to many countries to help in moving people, medical supplies, goods and services to remote and isolated communities.” – Khoa Hoang (Chairman Amphibian Aircraft Holdings Group)

Investors of the company includes Paspalis Innovation Investment Fund (PIIF) through AAI winning first place in Croc Pitch 2021Darwin Innovation Hub’s annual event for innovators. The Territory Labor Government is investing up to $10 million into Amphibian Aircraft Holdings Pty Ltd (AAH) through the Local Jobs Fund, to build upgraded versions of the Albatross amphibious aircraft in Darwin. This includes an agreement between AAH and global engine manufacturers Pratt & Whitney Canada.

Once established in the Territory, AAI will generate extensive value to the NT economy with the company forecasting annual revenue of over $100 million by the end of the decade.

“This exciting venture will create hundreds of jobs and upskilling opportunities for Territorians, while also injecting millions into our economy.

“This investment is building a brand new industry for the nation right here in Darwin. Both AAI and ShinMaywawill work together to make the Territory an Amphibian Aircraft manufacturing hub.” – Chief Minister Natasha Fyles

The Albatross has a long and distinguished history but has not been commercially manufactured since the 1960s. It is a highly-regarded aircraft and evidence through market studies have demonstrated that there is a strong demand for it to fill an identified gap in the global aviation market.

This will be an exciting opportunity to build a new industry together with its associated supply chain which will create flow-on benefits for jobs, education and the economy in the Northern Territory.

Source: Mirage News