Artificial Intelligence is Pure Business Genius

artificial intelligence


AI Darwin lives and breathes data and analytics and is uniquely positioned to ensure you get the most powerful insights out of everyday information using future-focused intelligent agents.

Artificial Intelligence is literally at our fingertips every single day and we may not even realize it. The team from AI Darwin is setting up an AI ecosystem in the heart of the city. The time to experience this ground-breaking technology is now – both in the digital and physical space.

Cody Middlebrook and the team from AI Darwin are passionate about educating the community about AI and breaking down the barriers that are often associated with artificial intelligence; AI is not something to be afraid of. Through research and development programs AI Darwin wants showcase how this technology can be used to save money and more importantly save lives.

Chief Minister Michael Gunner

In partnership with Microsoft and Opaque, AI Darwin are bringing all the excitement and knowledge surrounding AI to the Northern Territory.

The official launch of Darwin’s first AI company was celebrated with a thought-provoking and interactive AI event in collaboration with LiveTiles and Microsoft.

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