Australia and Japan to confirm new partnership in space capabilities


Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his Japanese counterpart, Prime Minister Abe Shinzo, have announced a partnership between the two national space agencies, promoting greater co-operation in space science, research and education.

As Australia’s closest and ‘most mature’ partnership in the region, the Australia-Japan partnership has undergone several evolutions throughout its life since it was established in a formalised Commerce Agreement in 1957.

The latest of which comes as the post-Second World War economic, political and strategic order appears to be in tatters, beset on all sides by great power rivals, the impact of COVID-19 and broader global trends each serving to impact the security and sovereignty of both nations. 

While there are a number of marked differences between the two, both Australia and Japan share similar realities, island nations, dependent upon the benevolence of the global order, free, unencumbered access to the maritime commons and robust, collaborative alliances and partnerships. 

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