Ayeye Atyenhe Art (My Story Art)

Ayeye Atyenhe Art Story

We are inviting everyone interested in indigenous story art to attend the new Ayeye Atyenhe Art business launch to meet the artists and hear about the exciting new Indigenous business and concept.

Paul Tolliday was one of Darwin Innovation Hub’s startups that went through the Incubator, and is now launching his business ‘Ayeye Atyenhe Art‘ in Alice Springs on 14th August 2021.

About Ayeye Atyenhe Art (My Story Art)

In the East Arrernte language, ayeye atyenhe (pronounced phonetically as a-year a-chin) means ‘My Story’.

Ayeye Atyenhe Art is a partnership of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people, initially based on Arrernte land at Alice Springs. They will collaborate with a growing number of Aboriginal artists in the Northern Territory and facilitate the development of unique and authentic Indigenous art. The sale of artworks through their site directly supports and empowers the artists to sustain themselves and to continue to use their talents and skills professionally. A percentage of each sale is also donated to an Indigenous Foundation, to assist people in need.

Their artists create traditional Aboriginal art for sale – painting the stories of their land and their culture. They are excited to also offer a unique opportunity in which Aboriginal artists can tell your story on canvas in a mix of traditional and contemporary styles.

TRADITIONAL ART – Indigenous artists paint the stories of their land and their cultures.
PERSONALISED ART – Indigenous artists paint your story, guided by you.

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