Spotlight on Belly Bunker

belly bunker

belly bunker

The Belly Bunker is a premium pregnancy mattress that allows you to lay comfortably on your stomach, whilst supporting your baby in a specifically formulated belly hole. The Belly Bunker features a slight downwards tilt which allows your lower back and hips to reset to a more natural position, releasing tension and pressure from your spine and surrounding ligaments and alleviating those pregnancy backaches.

This inflatable pregnancy bed is designed and tested to be 100% safe at all stages of tummy growth, with the ability to support up to 200kg on each half of the mattress! A support band is also included with the bed to ensure laying on your front is as comfortable as possible as you progress through the different trimesters as baby grows.

The portable, folding design and waterproof material means you can easily clean and transport it anywhere, anytime without having to inflate and deflate every time. Tummy comfort is achievable in the pool, on the beach, getting a massage, doing yoga, or simply finally getting that long, comfortable night’s sleep you’ve been craving.

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