Blueflite & DroneUp Forge Strategic Partnership to Revolutionise Drone Delivery


In a significant move for the autonomous logistics sector, Blueflite, a pioneer in innovative drone technology, has entered into a strategic partnership with DroneUp, a leading provider of autonomous drone delivery services.

The collaboration is poised to revolutionise the standards of last-mile delivery, leveraging blueflite’s expertise in drone design and DroneUp’s advanced Drone Autonomous Ecosystem. This alliance follows extensive joint efforts and capitalises on the momentum of DroneUp’s recent launch of its innovative platform designed to transform the delivery industry.

Blueflite is privileged to contribute its advanced drones, featuring internal package storage and swift flight capabilities, to this pioneering project. This technology integration ensures rapid, safe, and efficient deliveries up to a 15-mile radius from partnered vendors, reinforcing the commitment to high-quality, reliable solutions.

Frank Noppel, CEO of blueflite, remarked, “Our collaboration with DroneUp marks a significant milestone in redefining last-mile delivery. Together, we’re not only pushing the envelope in drone delivery technology but also enhancing its accessibility and efficiency for a global audience, establishing new benchmarks in the process.”

With plans for a phased introduction of the Ecosystem across selected markets in 2024, blueflite is well-prepared to support this innovative venture. This partnership heralds a new era in autonomous logistics, with a shared focus on continuous innovation and excellence.

John Vernon, Chief Technology Officer at DroneUp, stated, “Choosing blueflite as our partner was a decision driven by their exceptional innovation and technological ability. Their vision complements ours, setting the stage for a promising future of our joint efforts, which is crucial for the success of our Drone Autonomous Ecosystem.”

In the context of a burgeoning interest in drone delivery worldwide and the quest for novel, cost-effective delivery solutions by retailers and consumers alike, the synergy between blueflite and DroneUp is set to redefine the possibilities in drone delivery and autonomous logistics.

Since the company’s participation in the Croc Pitch event in 2023, Blueflite has garnered significant investment interest, including backing and investment from prominent Australian venture capital firm, Paspalis, with plans to bring their cutting-edge technology to the NT.

This strategic partnership not only bolsters Blueflite’s global presence but also enriches its capabilities through Paspalis’ established affiliations with institutions such as Charles Darwin University’s Northern Australia Centre for Autonomous Systems (NACAS) and its internal accelerator, Darwin Innovation Hub.

By leveraging Paspalis’s expertise and resources, Blueflite is poised to further enhance its international footprint and contribute to the advancement of drone delivery solutions in the NT and on a global scale.

Please read more about Blueflite and DroneUp’s Partnership here.

About Paspalis Innovation Investment Fund

Helping to stimulate the technology business sector in the Northern Territory, PIIF has invested in Blueflite since 2023.

Paspalis is one of Australia’s leading private investment firms. Their business aligns its interests with those of their investors and partners for lasting impact in Australia’s North.

Paspalis invests in both Australian and Offshore high growth companies looking to grow their businesses in the Northern Territory. When Paspalis invest, they are able to leverage their reputation, knowledge, programs and network, providing meaningful positive value to their investees.

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About Darwin Innovation Hub

Darwin Innovation Hub provides expert mentorship across various business domains and supports ventures with economic potential for the Northern Territory, focusing on the Asia Pacific region. Key services include start-up support, mentorship, industry workshops, investment readiness, international market development, and pitch events.

The Darwin Innovation Hub hosts an annual event called “Croc Pitch” to uncover innovative businesses and entrepreneurs with scalable products, technologies or innovations that can provide direct economic benefits to Northern Australia. The event attracts participants from around the world to pitch their ideas virtually or in-person for a chance to secure investment from the Paspalis Innovation Investment Fund (PIIF) and other co-investors.

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