Bridging Innovation and Defence in the Asia Pacific: SPEE3D’s 3D Printers to Transform Japan’s Military Operations

Japan Ground Self-Defence Force (JGSDF) invests in WarpSPEE3D and XSPEE3D Printers to Support Local Defence Capabilities and Further Academia Training.

SPEE3D are pleased to announce that they have partnered with the JGSDF to introduce their innovative cold spray additive manufacturing (CSAM) technology to Japan. This contract with the Japan Ministry of Defence marks a significant milestone as we continue to expand into the Asia-Pacific region.

SPEE3D Byron

The Japanese Self Defence Force are to receive a WarpSPEE3D and a XSPEE3D. WarpSPEE3D is the first large-format metal 3D printer, able to produce large metal parts quickly in minutes or hours, offering a more cost-effective and scalable solution compared to traditional manufacturing methods. While, their latest model, XSPEE3D, offers a robust, deployable metal additive manufacturing capability, with SPEE3D’s patented cold spray 3D printing technology, and auxiliary equipment integrated within one containerised shipping container unit. Enabling industries operating remotely, such as Defence, the opportunity to build metal parts on-site and on-demand.

(Above) message from SPEE3D CTO and Co-Founder, Steven Camilleri, on Japanese Military and SPEE3D contract.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to expand our presence into Japan and the APAC region. It is indeed an honour to collaborate with the Japanese military. Our aim is to train and prepare their forces to use the XSPEE3D printer in the field to address their most urgent supply chain issues through quickly manufactured on-demand parts.” – SPEE3D CEO, Byron Kennedy

SPEE3D technology has already been utilised by various defence forces worldwide, including in field trials by the Australian, US, and UK militaries. With SPEE3D’s technology, Japan’s self-defence forces now possess the unique capability to manufacture critical replacement parts in minutes or hours, on demand, in wide range of materials including but not limited to: Aluminium 6061, Aluminium Bronze, Copper, and Stainless Steel.

As part of their partnership, SPEE3D will provide the JGSDF comprehensive training, support, and maintenance for both WarpSPEE3D and XSPEE3D. This includes field exercise programs with the XSPEE3D, ensuring that Japan’s forces are well-equipped to fully utilize the potential of this technology when in the field and on base.

This partnership with the JGDSF signifies how SPEE3D technology continues to offer Defence a reliable metal manufacturing capability to further strengthen existing supply chains in the field, or on base. The most recent example of this is that just last month, the US Naval Post Graduate School announced they acquired an XSPEE3D to accelerate the adoption of metal-based additive manufacturing technologies to support of the US Tri-Service Maritime forces.

Source: SPEE3D

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