Bright Minds and Solar Cars

Casuarina Solar Car

The future is looking bright for Casuarina Senior College students, their work with solar cars is shining a light on innovation and a sustainable tomorrow!

The Darwin Innovation Hub invited the students to visit us on Wednesday, 29th November 2023 to showcase their solar car project and ideas to our Expert In Residences, Dante St James, and Karmen Karamanian, together with Harley Paroulakis (CEO of Paspalis), Patrick Chan (General Manager of DIH), and Ashley Manicaros (Principal of Manicaros Consulting).

The students have started the process to design, engineer construct and potentially race (!) a solar car for entry into the World Solar Challenge in 2025. The challenge involves traversing 3,000 kilometres from Darwin to Adelaide with their solar car.

The World Solar Challenge event occurs once every two years with teams from a wide range of countries and academic backgrounds. It generates industry partnerships across energy, automotive, engineering, financial, material sciences, and IT sectors.

In 2019, a record 53 entries from 24 countries were received and around 1,500 participants were observed and followed by a global audience of more than 25 million.

Impressed by the students’ ingenuity showcased in their scale-model solar cars, the Darwin Innovation Hub will be supporting them to develop this initiative further.

The students are looking for support! This could include donations of time, parts, expertise or money. If you’re interested in getting on board for World Solar Challenge 2025 please get in touch with us at the Darwin Innovation Hub.