Brooke Young

Community and Administration Officer

Brooke Young joins the Darwin Innovation Hub as the new Community and Administration Officer, armed with an intrinsic knowledge of Darwin from her local upbringing and a strong background in community engagement and administration. Brooke’s passion lies in fostering collaborative environments, underpinned by her ability to build and maintain relationships, a skill she aims to utilise fully in managing the Innovation Hub’s diverse and dynamic community.

In her role, Brooke will leverage her exceptional communication skills and digital literacy to manage the Innovation Hub’s community, facilitating connections between entrepreneurs, startups, and investors. Her adaptability and problem-solving abilities will be instrumental in creating an inclusive and supportive environment that encourages innovation and growth.

Before joining the Darwin Innovation Hub, Brooke demonstrated her capability in various roles that required a high degree of organisation, teamwork, and customer service. As a Business & Systems Operator and Sales Assistant at LJ Hooker Darwin, Brooke excelled in managing IT infrastructure and supporting sales processes, showcasing her ability to handle complex systems and engage with diverse stakeholders effectively.

Her experience as a Property Manager Assistant and in finance and project support roles have equipped her with a solid foundation in administrative tasks, stakeholder communication, and project management. These roles have honed her skills in coordinating efforts across departments, ensuring smooth operations, and enhancing community engagement.

Brooke’s local experience and her dedication to professional growth and fostering strong, productive relationships make her an ideal fit for managing the Darwin Innovation Hub’s community. Her role will be pivotal in driving the Hub’s mission to support and accelerate the growth of Darwin’s innovation ecosystem, making it a vibrant and connected community for all members.