Business Innovation Network NT (BINNT)

business innovation network

BINNT is an informal groping of businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs interested in pursuing innovation in their businesses and/or guiding and mentoring innovation by others.

The network aims to keep the innovation conversation stimulated through encouraging creativity, inspiring new ideas, encouraging acceleration innovation and growth, collaboration, and encouraging new partnerships and discussing new projects.

The network receives varied information, event invitations and other useful innovation/business correspondence and seeks collaboration/partnership events and programs in all regions in the Northern Territory from the business and industry community.

How can the Business Innovation Network Northern Territory help me?

BINNT is supported by the Northern Territory Business Innovation Strategy, focusing on strengthening the Territory’s business innovation culture and creating a sustainable innovation ecosystem. The strategy outlines the Northern Territory Government‘s approach to ignite, inspire and intensify the innovation ecosystem.

The ecosystem offers the access and potential collaboration with new companies, experienced business leaders, faculty researchers, government officials, established technology companies, and investors that your innovation needs to achieve successful commercialisation.

If you would like to join the network and the distribution list, please send your contact details to