Third Thursday October – Catalysing Women Science program launch

catalysing women

Last night we had the privilege of launching the Catalysing Women Science program Northern Australia project in partnership with The Northern Institute, Charles Darwin University, Data61 and CSIRO.

50+ Northern Australian women scientists came together to celebrate the launch of this new project that will provide an intimate impact approach to career coaching and science entrepreneurship. The program will be tailored to women scientists and science practitioners who are keen to demonstrate and communicate the broader value of themselves and their science idea, and be supported to translate this into real-world applications.

Dr Wen Wu, Research Analyst, Data 61, CSIRO shared her knowledge and insight of digital megatrends. Dr Wu is a scientist who evaluates further risks and opportunities associated with digital and economic disruptions.

Director, Northern Institute, CDU, Professor Ruth Wallace explored the changes and opportunities happening for women’s science in Northern Australia.


The program has been funded through the Australian Women in Stem and Entrepreneurship programme and will be delivered in partnership with Northern Institute, CDU, CSIRO & DIH