Innovating The Top End: Darwin Hub Sparks Entrepreneurial Spirit

The Darwin Innovation Hub (DIH) has been a bustling center of activity and innovation, offering a range of events that have brought together the local business and technology communities. The venue has hosted events that not only cater to the…
Venture Capital StartNT

From Concept To Capital

In the vast landscape of innovation, where ideas are the currency, there's a particular thrill in starting from scratch, from the barest whispers of inspiration, and transforming it into a tangible, successful enterprise. It's a journey that…

Weekly Wrap Up: A Very International week at The Hub.

A truly international week at Darwin Innovation Hub with visitors from across the world and events for Darwin’s diverse communities - alongside connections made for 2024 with local stakeholders. Monday, December 4 2023 Exploring Opportunities…
Dante Territory Q

Event Fatigue Is Real

In just three months over the cooler part of the year, the Territory manages to jam in 85 percent of its events and festivals. I get it. Any other time of the year it’s too hot, too humid and too wet in the Top End. And it’s too hot…
Territory Q PAtrick

Introducing DIH General Manager: Patrick Chan

At the end of June, our role as delivery partner for the Australian Government's Entrepreneurs Program came to an end. Thank you to the EP team, led by Emma Nesbitt, who have worked hard to provide small businesses access to the program…
look deals investment

What do we look for in deals?

Getting asked what we look for in deals is one of the most common questions I get as an investment manager. This April 2023 Territory Q features two companies our Paspalis Innovation Investment Fund invested in, Liandra Swim and Atomionics.…
Investing Tourism

Why We Should Be Investing In Tourism Now

As one of the first sectors to be profoundly impacted by the pandemic and one of the last to recover, the consequences of the impact on tourism run deep. At a Federal level, there are limited support programs and grants available to the…
Territory Q Issue 37

State of our innovation nation: 2022 and beyond

The Northern Territory provides investors and international innovators one of the most commercially exciting jurisdictions in the Asia Pacific region. In the past six years, the Northern Territory has quietly developed the foundations of…

Breaking Down Defence Barriers

Defence procurement is a challenging landscape and can be quite overwhelming to industry. These challenges add further barriers to entry for business owners, innovators and entrepreneurs looking to break into the market. With the growing…
DIH Space Projects

DIH Space Sector Spotlight: Progress on 3 Space Related Projects

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The Darwin Innovation Hub's (DIH) continued work with Aliena, SPEE3D and Equatorial Launch Australia (ELA) in space related projects has started to create value for the Northern Territory's space sector. Australia's Northern Territory is ideally…
Venture Capital Innovation

Venture Capital Packing A Punch

A key role of any innovation hub worth its salt is to attract high-growth companies seeking to commercialise technologies in growth sectors. For the Northern Territory, one of these growth sectors is advanced manufacturing. The Darwin Innovation…
Company Investment Ready

Is your company investment ready?

For high-growth companies, securing investment to grow and support new ventures is challenging, particularly when there is limited capital. But pre-revenue does not necessarily mean the company isn't investible. For investors, a strong indicator…