Changes to Quarantine Arrangements to put Territorians First

Changes to Quarantine Arrangements to put Territorians First

The Northern Territory is the safest place in Australia.

Because of that, we can make careful and considered changes to our quarantine arrangements to help Territorians return home, while still staying safe.

From Monday, 15 June, the Northern Territory will transition from mandatory, monitored quarantine to mandatory, self-quarantine.

  • Arrivals from interstate will be able to choose their own quarantine arrangements – as long as it is appropriate, within the guidelines directed by the Chief Health Officer.
  • Arrivals will not have to stay at accommodation selected and secured by the NT Government, and the $2500 quarantine fee will no longer apply.  

Arrivals will be able to undertake the 14-day quarantine period in their own home, in private accommodation, or in appropriate commercial accommodation, at their own cost.

This change will not apply to people arriving from overseas, including overseas arrivals transiting from interstate.

Monitored quarantine will continue to apply for this cohort, given the much higher risk associated with international arrivals.

This decision applies to all domestic interstate arrivals, but it has been made for Territorians – to help Territorians return home.

This new arrangement will also include mandatory coronavirus testing regime for all arrivals going into quarantine.

  • Arrivals will be tested for COVID-19 in the first 72 hours of their quarantine, and tested again in the final 72 hours of their quarantine.
  • Ending their quarantine after 14 days will depend on returning two negative tests.

Police and Environmental Health Officers will be spot checking people at random points throughout their quarantine.

The existing penalties for breaches of quarantine will continue to apply.  

Today’s announcement rewards Territorians for their sacrifices, and helps bring Territorians home.

It is also a critical step towards easing border restrictions at a later date, when it is safe to do so.

The Northern Territory Government will keep doing whatever it takes to protect Territorians, and keep the NT the safest place in Australia.