Corrosion Instruments Getting Territorial About Manufacturing

NT cathodic protection

After three years of development, NT based company Corrosion Instruments has launched CI-Tx, a system that remotely monitors and controls the cathodic protection on pipelines, wharves, storage tanks and tunnels.

Previously, monitoring corrosion on such large metal infrastructure was an onerous task that had to be done manually, says founder and Managing Director, Sam Pattemore.

Pattemore says they sought co-investment largely because global supply chain issues for electronics meant a local prototype and testing facility was urgently needed.

With $110,000 from the NT Government (via the Advanced Manufacturing Ecosystem Fund (AMEF)), matched by their own $110,000 in funding, the company has been able to buy machinery and tools, including a PCB prototype printer. Furthermore, they won $150,000 investment prize money from Croc Pitch in 2019 which was the leg-up Sam Pattemore needed to turn his sole operator enterprise into a fully incorporated company.

This allows them to manufacture prototypes in-house, meaning they can commercialise products much more quickly.

Critically, it’s also the NT’s first electronics production manufacturing facility. And Pattemore is hoping to eventually hire out their in-house equipment to other local businesses to build local capabilities.

View their interactive technology here.

Source: Margie Smithurst (edited)