Croc Pitch 2021: How do you feel now that you’ve pitched!


What do you think of your competitors’ pitches?

Good afternoon, I’m Robert Fleming, founder of Playground123. This year’s Croc Pitch, there are some big challenges, there’s some great competitors and some really big players. So, to even make it through to the semi-finals, we’re pretty proud.

How do you feel competing at Croc Pitch?

Absolutely excited. The opportunity being quite nervous against the competitors have been quite difficult. This is sort of our first run through but once again, we really enjoyed it. The opportunity that the Darwin Innovation Hub provides along with the NTG, we wouldn’t be here without it. So, thank you very much to the hub and NTG.


How do you feel now that you’ve pitched!

My name is Hujjat Nadarajah, I’m the co-founder of Tunyat. It’s been really great to pitch here, the experience has been really rewarding and listening to all the different questions on investments and opportunities. I feel kind of relieved and at the same time happy to raise awareness.


Please share your thoughts on competing at Croc Pitch 2021.

I’m Charley Feros, the founder and director of LifeH2O Australia. We produce portable water purification and desalination equipment. My thoughts on competing at Croc Pitch is that it’s a great opportunity, and certainly a little nerve wrecking for someone like me who is more comfortable being a mad professor in the workshop. But it’s a great opportunity to get innovative ideas out there and I certainly take my hat off to anyone who shows up to pitch their innovations.

Croc Pitch 2021

Hosted by the Darwin Innovation Hub on the 27th of October as part of the Spark Festival and October Business Month’s Innovation week, Croc Pitch 2021 was an incredible day for entrepreneurs, startups, SMEs and investors. This year the DIH opened its doors (and its screens) to global competitors, the criteria… the pitch must have a benefit back into the Northern Territory. Companies provided innovations across many areas, after a gruelling day of pitching, the judges narrowed down to 6 finalists for the final round, these companies came from industries including space, advanced manufacturing, digital technologies and renewable energy. The first place winner won $1 million…