Croc Pitch 2021: What do you think of the pitches you’ve heard so far?


As a judge with experience in pitching, what do you think of the pitches you’ve heard so far?

My name is Steven Camilleri. I’m the co-founder of SPEE3D, a metal 3D printing company. So, I’ve been very impressed with the quality of the pitches so far today. It takes a lot to get both an interesting technology, a management team and a good strategy for the future all integrated together and I’ve really been impressed at what the community gives to what we’ve put together. I think we should be really proud of what’s been achieved here.


As a judge, what do you think of the pitches you’ve heard so far?

I’m Kerstin Holata, from Accelerating Commercialisation, part of the Federal Government’s Entrepreneur Programme. It was amazing to see a really diverse range of pitches from overseas and from Australia. It really demonstrates what we have here in terms of innovation and novel solutions and companies but then also the interest from overseas and interests in actually coming to Northern Territory is wonderful. And a real highlight was actually seeing the schoolchildren pitch from Darwin, they were confident, they clearly had thought through their pitch, so it’s been wonderful


How have you found the pitches so far?

Hi, my name is Matt Ridolfi. I found it really good, like it’s just a big variety as well, it’s not just a single stream everyone is following. It’s everything from space to food to everything in between. It’s been really interesting.

Croc Pitch 2021

Hosted by the Darwin Innovation Hub on the 27th of October as part of the Spark Festival and October Business Month’s Innovation week, Croc Pitch 2021 was an incredible day for entrepreneurs, startups, SMEs and investors. This year the DIH opened its doors (and its screens) to global competitors, the criteria… the pitch must have a benefit back into the Northern Territory. Companies provided innovations across many areas, after a gruelling day of pitching, the judges narrowed down to 6 finalists for the final round, these companies came from industries including space, advanced manufacturing, digital technologies and renewable energy. The first place winner won $1 million…