Croc Pitch 2021: What impact do you see Croc Pitch having for your immediate business goals?


What impact do you see Croc Pitch having for your immediate business goals?

My name is Matt Ridolfi, I’m the CEO of Fishing Trips. We’re an early start up connecting anglers as they go fishing together. For me the event is really important because I’m looking to be pitching for money shortly, so it’s great to see how different people pitch and the type of questions asked. There are a really good set of judges here and they’re asking really good questions, so it’s good to get that feedback of what type of questions are going to be asked.


What impact do you see this event having on your immediate business goal?

Hi, my name is Athena Mendoza, I’m from Avacuppa. There was a great range of things that were discussed today, and we wanted to really focus on some of the sustainable aspects and what perhaps we could do or innovate within our company

Croc Pitch 2021

Hosted by the Darwin Innovation Hub on the 27th of October as part of the Spark Festival and October Business Month’s Innovation week, Croc Pitch 2021 was an incredible day for entrepreneurs, startups, SMEs and investors. This year the DIH opened its doors (and its screens) to global competitors, the criteria… the pitch must have a benefit back into the Northern Territory. Companies provided innovations across many areas, after a gruelling day of pitching, the judges narrowed down to 6 finalists for the final round, these companies came from industries including space, advanced manufacturing, digital technologies and renewable energy. The first place winner won $1 million…