Croc Pitch Winner Transcelestial to demonstrate in Northern Territory

Transcelestial Croc Pitch

Singapore based Digital Technologies & ICT company, Transcelestial, pitched their innovative project to a group of expert judges at Croc Pitch and was awarded an invitation to work with the Darwin Innovation Hub to explore demonstration site possibilities in the Territory. 

On 27th of October 2021, a total of seventeen semi-finalists from Australia and South-East Asia gathered together to present their scalable innovation, product or technology that will provide a direct benefit to the Northern Territory.

Last week I had the privilege of competing in Darwin Innovation Hub‘s Croc Pitch.

There was over 50 applicants from [Australia and South-East Asia] vying for the top prize of $1 million dollars, we had to pitch our idea in 3 minutes to a panel of judges followed by some Q&A.

I made it into the final round (I thought I was a bit lucky as I wasn’t too happy with my opening pitch) and this time I was first up and nailed my pitch the 2nd time around.

In the end Transcelestial had placed 3rd, I was actually disappointed and felt like I had lost and didn’t even think it was worth telling my colleagues about it.

After a few days, I woke up and realised that the experience gained and the chance to be challenged in such an environment is truly invaluable.

I still want the $1 million dollars but hey I’m in sales, if I can’t take a hit I’m in the wrong job.

Thanks to the team at Darwin Innovation Hub and PASPALIS GROUP for running such a great event.

Also shout out to Charles Darwin UniversityLIGMAN Evolve Pty.Leanne Ramsay and Maser Australia for being involved in the project.

– Chantra Hang, Sales Lead at Transcelestial

How to build internet networks in a sustainable manner?

Chantra Hang, sales lead of Transcelestial, answered the question at Croc Pitch by presenting their project that uses wireless laser beam technology to deliver the same internet speed as fibre.

Fibre optic rollouts are invasive, time consuming and expensive. But it is necessary for us to stay connected so we accept the good with the bad.Transcelestial have a technology that delivers the same speed as fibre but it is wireless, using lasers to deliver the same service. They are focused on becoming a known option in the global connectivity market and would like to build a test case in the NT as a global demonstrator of their technology, with the plan to link Charles Darwin National Park to the city of Darwin to enable connectivity throughout the park.

Transcelestial is building the future of Internet Distribution. The ultimate goal is to build a space laser network to deliver a step-change in internet connectivity globally. This will be the fastest way to bring the rest of the world up on the bandwidth and connectivity curve.

Right now, they are using the same technology on the ground as a “wireless fibre optics” in a product called CENTAURI. CENTAURI is their mass-produced network device which leverages their proprietary Wireless Laser Communication Technology to create a wireless distribution network between buildings, traditional cell towers, street-level poles and other physical infrastructure. It is the size of a shoe-box, weighing less than 3kg and capable of delivering true fibre-like speeds to customers at fraction of the cost of traditional fibre. There are two versions of devices available – 1 Gbps Full Duplex (4G & Enterprise ready) and 10 Gbps Full Duplex (5G-ready).

Darwin Innovation Hub will continue to work with Transcelestial  and all of the other contestants so that they can continue to grow and develop into world class Northern Territory companies.