Darwin Middle School Annual STEM Expo

Darwin School STEM Expo

Since 2019, Darwin Middle School holds their annual STEM Expo to celebrate student’s accomplishments in the four categories:

  • multimedia
  • scientific writing or posters
  • science inquiry
  • innovations

This year, Darwin Innovation Hub sponsored the Judges Award (one of the STEM awards) to encourage our burgeoning STEM experts. Many jobs in the future will involve skills in science, technology, mathematics and engineering.

On 22nd September 2021, COO of DIH, Emma Nesbitt and Minister Hon Paul Kirby judged the students’ finished products and ideas. There were many great innovations and displays created by the students that left a great impression on the judges. One example is ‘The Future Ocean Project’ – a design model using a wheel with magnets to attract ocean rubbish to turn into bricks!

The winners were then announced on Friday 24th September 2021. Congratulations to all participants.

We look forward to the future these students will bring.