Jason-Urranndulla Davis speaks on digital identity for vulnerable communities at AP+ Beyond Tomorrow Conference

CEO Jason-Urranndulla Davis, the founder of Hold Access (WUNA), made a significant impact at the recent Australian Payments Plus Beyond Tomorrow: Inspiring Trust in The Digital Economy Conference. Amidst a packed agenda featuring key discussions on payments, identity, and the digital economy’s future, Davis stood out, particularly in advocating for digital inclusion, especially for Indigenous communities.

The conference, which included sessions ranging from updates on AP+, ConnectID, and the NPP to discussions on fighting scams and fraud, saw Davis actively participating in panels related to digital identity and its role in securing the digital economy. His involvement in the “Safety in numbers – making digital identity work for vulnerable communities” panel was particularly noteworthy, emphasising the importance of making digital identity not just a business tool but also a means to support and protect vulnerable communities, including Indigenous and remote populations.

Davis’s advocacy for digital equity and inclusion was evident throughout the event, aligning with Hold Access (WUNA)’s mission to promote social sustainability and empower marginalised communities. His insights and initiatives like the DigiWallet (WUNA) highlighted the potential of digital identity solutions to bridge the digital divide and create meaningful opportunities for those often left behind in the digital revolution.

As the conference concluded with a motivational speaker session, Davis’s presence continued to inspire, reflecting not only his leadership in the digital ID space but also his commitment to driving positive change in the broader digital landscape. Moving forward, Davis and Hold Access (WUNA) remain dedicated to championing Indigenous rights and advancing digital inclusion globally, showcasing the transformative power of advocacy and leadership in shaping a more inclusive digital future.

About Hold Access (WUNA)

Hold Access (WUNA) recently forged a partnership with ConnectID to accelerate the development of a digital wallet (WUNA) integrated into the trusted ConnectID network.

DigiWallet (WUNA) stands as a comprehensive platform offering access to an extensive array of documents. WUNA, derived from the concept of making informed choices independently, redefines Indigenous identity by restoring autonomy. Through WUNA, First Nations gain greater control over their personal information, simplifying online document storage and retrieval for essential services like healthcare, government assistance, and banking. Additionally, WUNA offers businesses streamlined solutions for compliance and regulatory requirements. Paspalis Innovation Investment Fund (PIIF) furthermore has invested in the high-growth company since 2022.

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About Paspalis Innovation Investment Fund

Paspalis Innovation Investment Fund (PIIF) stimulated the digital economy in the Northern Territory.

Paspalis is one of Australia’s leading private investment firms. Their business aligns its interests with those of their investors and partners for lasting impact in Australia’s North.

Paspalis invests in both Australian and Offshore high growth companies looking to grow their businesses in the Northern Territory. When Paspalis invest, they are able to leverage their reputation, knowledge, programs and network, providing meaningful positive value to their investees.

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