DIH at INDO PACIFIC International Maritime Exposition 2022

INDO Pacific DIH

INDO PACIFIC International Maritime Exposition 2022 has concluded successfully for the year. Held from 10th to 12th May 2022 with an amazing turn out of over 25,000 visitors in attendance together with 736 participating exhibitor companies and more than 40 nations represented, it is believed to be the largest defence industry event ever held in Australia. This INDO PACIFIC Exposition is a global business event, attracting senior merchant marine, shore services, maritime and defence industry, military and government decision-makers from around the world and is a unique promotional medium, allowing a true two-way personal interaction between consumer and organisation.

The Darwin Innovation Hub (DIH) team and Paspalis Innovation Investment Fund investees companies, SPEE3D and Universal Site Monitoring were stationed at the DefenceNT area. Both start-ups gained attention from the Navy, Defence and General personnel for their amazing and innovative products.

The DIH team that participated in this Indo Pacific exposition were able to engage and network with visitors, businesses and official delegations. DIH’s Emma Nesbitt (COO) and Michael Prentice (NADP Facilitator), got to experience the Sentinel range boat ride travelling at 40 knots at the Indo Pacific exposition. The Sentinel range are the world’s only defence vessels manufactured from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) offering superior durability and reliability in the face of sustained force, optimised for repeated air drops and hard beaching.

SPEE3D showcased how their world-leading process can strengthen your sea supply chain enabling you to make validated, replacement military maritime parts in minutes. This peaked interests from the Japanese Navy and a visit from the Chief of Navy of Australia, where they learned from Steven Camilleri (CTO) how SPEE3D’s field-proven additive manufacturing technology makes it possible to Make Metal Anywhere on base, in port, or out at sea.

Universal Site Monitoring’s Personal Safety Monitor (PSM) Hero product enables real time safety monitoring systems that can be deployed in areas with no Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) environment. Emil Tastula was personally explaining how they can help you transform remote operator safety.

One of Paspalis‘ investment committee member, Geoff Thomas, also attended to judge the Innovation Pitchfest at the Indo Pacific exposition.