DIH Facilitates First Industry Development Workshop

Michael Matthews with Yerra
Michael Matthews with Yerra

Michael Matthews from Verser with Dion and Bruce from Yerra

The Darwin Innovation Hub hosted the first Industry Workshop focused on ICT and Indigenous engagement.


The DIH is proud to support increased Indigenous engagement and education within the ICT sector.  Working with experts from the Northern Territory, NSW and Canberra, we hope to create greater awareness and knowledge around ICT with Indigenous Australians.

This workshop provided an opportunity for Aboriginal ICT companies to engage with Michael Matthews CEO of Verser, identify industry problem statements and opportunities for ICT procurement, training and hardware refurbishment.

DIH CEO Harley Paroulakis welcomed Michael Matthews the CEO of Verser, Rowan Dollar the Chief Information Officer from the Department of Primary Industry and Resources, Dion Devow and Bruce from Yerra, Ben Halliwell, Sarina Jan, Nicole Thompson and Roy Jansen from Dreamtech and Jesse from New Future IT.