A Warlu Collection Successfully Funded


NORTH has smashed their Dreamstarter funding goal of $75,000 just days before the cut off date!

NORTH launched their Dreamstarter Pre-Order campaign just 30 days ago with the tipping point set to $60,000 and the stretched goal set for $75,000.

As a startup with limited funds but big dreams, NORTH launched their pre-order campaign to ensure they remain financially responsible and their incredibly talented artists get the best deal.

The launch of the Warlu Collection will support NORTH’s growth and development as a social organisation. Success of this collection will mean three things:

  1. A new income stream for our artists & their families is created through licensing of each garment – the art centre & artists benefit directly from every garment sold.
  2. Community pride is strengthened as Warlpiri designs make their way around the world, are strutted on catwalks, captured in photographs and worn with pride.
  3. NORTH as an enterprise will be financially supported to develop future collaborations that support and broaden the exposure of remote Indigenous textile design.

Dreamstarter by ING is helping launch and grow start-up social businesses looking to make a real difference in our community.

By providing much-needed funding, raising their business profile and supporting them with the knowledge they need to build financially sustainable businesses, Dreamstarter is helping these businesses make a lasting difference in our community.