Expert-in-Residence Program

expert in residence

We’re excited to bring 3 new experts into the HUB, as part of the Federal Governments Expert-in-Residence program.

This program will allow DIH to boost its innovation support by engaging three Expert-in-Residence (EiRs) on a 12 month project. The EiRs will provide expert mentoring and strategic planning to provide our start ups with the best chance of commercialising both locally and nationally. Specialist EiR support will be provided to link opportunities across the region as well as into overseas markets.

Say hello to our EiRs!


Dean Alle – EiR – IP & Research Commercialisation


Karmen Karamanian – EiR – Brand expert, Graphic, Web and App Designer


Matt Bell – EiR – Cloud Accounting, Business Setup, Administration and Accounting



The creation of DIH in mid-2017 provided the Northern Territory with its first custom built innovation facility that brings together entrepreneurs, start up opportunities, talent and capital – all under the one roof! The benefit of the EiR Program for start ups is access to a high calibre Innovation Program that encourages and supports them to maintain their presence in Darwin as well as growing their network locally, whilst also tapping into experience and networks from all over Australia.

DIH has partnered with CDU to provide EiR activities within University and VET context. The EiR Project includes components that will identify and support opportunities within CDU, selected potential start up will have the opportunity to progress through DIH under our Innovation Program.
The EiR Project will include events, workshops and mentoring at both DIH and CDU that will underpin the DIH Innovation Program. Activities run through the EiR Program will not only support existing start ups, but also identify and engage with new opportunities.