Home grown start-up prepares to host NASA for launch set up

Image credit ELA.

Entrepreneurs’ Program’s Start-up Equatorial Launch Australia (ELA) prepares for NASA for launch set up.

The foundation of the launch has been laid and the rocket is scheduled for launch from the facility next year. This is expected to increase local jobs and help the economy.

ELA’s mission is to launch and recover objects flown to and from space by providing a flexible and responsive launch site and associated services. NASA has signed a contract that will see their rockets and payloads being launched with ELA next year.

Australia’s Northern Territory is ideally placed to host key infrastructure and services for the global space industry, with competitive advantages in:

  • launch services, for rockets and stratospheric ballooning
  • ground stations and
  • space technology development and testing.

While equatorial launch offers rare efficiencies, the site can cater for all orbits, and all reliable technologies, providing sub-orbital and orbital access to space for commercial, research and government organisations. The secure site build includes utilities and facilities to meet the most stringent customer requirements, with payload integration, storage, and administration at the site.

As a client of the Entrepreneurs’ Program that is offered by Darwin Innovation Hub together with the Northern Territory Government, ELA is supported through the program’s unique services which give eligible businesses access to expert advice that money can’t buy, and financial support through grants and incentives. Learn more about the Entrepreneur’s Program here.

Paspalis Innovation Investment Fund (PIIF) has also invested in ELA in 2019 and is actively investing in high-growth innovation projects. The Fund will look to invest in Australian companies seeking growth in the Asia Pacific region and Asia Pacific companies looking to relocate to Australia where those companies are involved in ventures that provide an economic advantage to the Northern Territory. Learn more about PIIF here.

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