Entrepreneurs Programme Northern Territory


Entrepreneurs Programme Northern Territory

Growth Roadmap

Growth Roadmap helps you improve your business practices, become more competitive, and take advantage of growth opportunities. A dedicated growth facilitator will provide access to extensive networks, information, resources, strategies, and specialists unique to your business’s needs. They will work with you to develop your unique growth roadmap and help you achieve your business vision. You can also access a matched Growth Grant of up to $20,000 to action recommendations from your roadmap.

Delivered by: Darwin Innovation Hub.

Entrepreneurs Programme Northern Territory

High Growth Accelerator

High Growth Accelerator helps businesses who have a transformative growth opportunity. It will help you innovate, transform, and grow your business. You will work with a growth facilitator to develop skills, knowledge, strategies and connections to capitalise on your growth opportunity. They will work with you to develop a growth plan and help you build the capacity to accelerate growth. You can also access a matched Growth Grant of up to $20,000 to action recommendations from your growth plan.

Delivered by: Ai Group, Deloitte, NSW Business Chamber, and Business SA.

Entrepreneurs Programme Northern Territory

SMART Projects and Supply Chains

SMART Projects and Supply Chains provides access to strategic or high-value projects that are designed to increase the capability of Australian businesses. Through a tailored mix of facilitated services, peer group learning events and business performance assessments, participating businesses will have the opportunity to gain deeper insight into ways they can better make the most of emerging markets, supply chains, business performance and leadership development opportunities. Depending on the nature and design of the project, eligible businesses may also gain access to a matched Growth Grant of up to $20,000 to assist with implementation of recommendations from their participation in the project.

Delivered by: Ai Group, Deloitte, NSW Business Chamber, and Business SA.

Entrepreneurs Programme Northern Territory

Strengthening Business

Strengthening Business supports businesses in fire-affected communities to rebuild, transform and adapt following the bushfire crisis and resulting changes in their local marketplace. A facilitator will work with businesses to provide mentorship and develop a roadmap, identifying the immediate, medium and long-term challenges and opportunities. Facilitators will also provide advice on relevant funding assistance to help businesses recover.

Delivered by: Ai Group, Deloitte, NSW Business Chamber, and Business SA.

Entrepreneurs Programme Northern Territory

Accelerating Commercialisation

We are proud to be part of the national network of delivery partners for the Entrepreneurs’ Programme, partnered with i4 Connect who are delivering Accelerating Commercialisation.

Accelerating Commercialisation provides you with the guidance and financial assistance to develop the commercialisation potential of your novel product, process or service with $500,000 to $1 million in matched project funding.

If you are an Australian entrepreneur, researcher, inventor, start-up, Research Commercialisation Officer or an SME who has as novel product, process or service you want to commercialise, we can assist you through our partners at i4 Connect to bring your project to market.

Delivered by: i4 Connect

Entrepreneurs Programme Northern Territory

Innovation Connections

Innovation Connections assists businesses within the Growth sectors to understand their research needs, connects with the research sector and funds collaborative research projects. Your project may also be eligible for a grant of between $30,000 – $50,000 for a research placement within your business, in collaboration with a Publicly Funded Research Organisation.

If you operate in one or more of the growth sectors, or provide enabling technologies or services to one or more of the growth sectors, we can assist you through our partners at CSIRO to find ways for your business to work within the research sector and discuss strategic opportunities in new or existing markets.

Delivered by: CSIRO.

Entrepreneurs Programme Northern Territory

Incubator Support

The Incubator Support Initiative provides grant funding to incubators who support Australian start-ups with an international focus through two streams.

Expert in Residence grants support incubators to access top quality research, technical and managerial expertise through secondments of national and international experts.

New and Existing Incubator grants support incubators to deliver high-quality services for start-ups, improving their chances of commercial success in international markets. It also has provisions for incubators to partner with support organisations to assist first-generation migrant and refugee founders to establish their business both nationally and internationally, and assist start-ups with a regional focus to expand and scale their business.

Delivered by: CSIRO.

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