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MINT Migrant Innovation NT

The Migrant Innovation Northern Territory (MINT) program is an initiative owned and managed by Paspalis.

The MINT program assists overseas nationals who have demonstrated their commitment to supporting the NT’s innovation ecosystem by investing in Paspalis Venture Capital Funds which provide an economic benefit to the Northern Territory innovation ecosystem.

Paspalis Funds are member funds of the Australian Investment Council.


The MINT program seeks to:

  • Raise start-up capital for the Northern Territory innovation ecosystem providing support for growth companies at the Darwin Innovation Hub
  • Leverage visa programs managed by the Northern Territory Government
  • Maintain the integrity of the Northern Territory Government Nomination programs.
  • Support Nominations of those genuine applicants that will not only benefit the Northern Territory through the introduction of venture capital, but also through a population increase, filling skills shortages and undertaking business activities of benefit to the Northern Territory.
  • Ensure that local Northern Territorians are not disadvantaged through the Nomination of skilled migrants.

The 2022/23 MINT program is currently open.

The program is supported by the NTG. Migrate for business or migrate to work.

If you are a migrant and wish to learn more about the MINT program please go to