Innovative Australian businesses reach 500-grant milestone with the Entrepreneurs’ Programme

Innovative Australian businesses reach 500 grant milestone

The Entrepreneurs’ Programme has invested more than $240 million in innovative Australian businesses, with 503 grants offered under Accelerating Commercialisation since 2014.

The Entrepreneurs’ Programme’s latest Accelerating Commercialisation grants boast 14 innovative Australian businesses that will share in $7.99 million of funding to commercialise their products and take them to market. From manufacturing renewable energy storage to space rockets, Australians are taking charge with help from the Entrepreneurs’ Programme.

Manufacturing renewable energy storage solutions

Sydney based Sicona Battery Technologies has pioneered a simple and robust production process for high-performance silicon-graphite composite anode and polymer binder materials for use in batteries to store renewable energy.

Their next generation battery demonstrates an increase in renewable energy storage capacity by up to 233%, and up to 75% higher cell energy density. Possible uses for the technology include electric vehicles and because each cell has more energy, it means the vehicles need less cells which is a cost saving that can be passed on to motorists. Sicona’s $704,302 matched grant will help it build a pilot manufacturing plant using existing Australian supply chains.

Sustainable space systems

Hypersonix Launch Systems is disrupting the space industry by creating a low cost, reliable and reusable scramjet rocket. The SPARTAN (Scramjet Powered Accelerator for Reusable Technology AdvaNcement) is a three stage satellite launch system mounted on reusable booster rockets. This is the first application of scramjets for space launch and provides greater performance, and as around 80% of the system is reusable, great cost savings.

Hypersonix is an innovative business formed by the University of Queensland, engineering consultancy BMT-WBM and Unmanned Aerial Vhehicle company Australian Droid and Robot. Its $952,575 matched grant will be used to use the SPARTAN technology to manufacture a commercial-ready hydrogen fuelled scramjet engine using advanced carbon composites.

What other projects are being funded?

14 innovation Australian Businesses have recently been offered matched funding grants to commercialise their products by the Entrepreneurs’ Programme. Their projects include:

  • Barrel Rejuvenation Services is commercialising their equipment and processes for use in the rejuvenation of oak wine barrels.
  • Concerto Analytics has developed a financial modelling platform, able to run multiple simulations and parallel scenarios across the operational and financial areas of organisations.
  • Concourse Golf has created self-driving smart wheels that fit to manual wheelchairs allowing precision driving for wheelchair drivers and their carers.
  • Endeavour Programme is using artificial intelligence software so users can make faster and more informed decisions to improve their project outcomes.
  • Glass Terra has developed sensors that monitor movement of earthworks, providing early warning of potential dam wall failures to improve safety in the mining industry.
  • Ker Ker has created a skin care ointment significantly reduces the healing time of minor burns, preventing blisters and minimising scars.
  • Lumi Media’s innovative software for screen content generation will revolutionise creative collaboration in the media industry.
  • Microbio has developed a revolutionary blood stream infection test panel, allowing pathologists to identify the pathogen causing infections, improving the outcomes for sepsis patients.
  • Prism Systems’ specialised system addresses a gap in the launch and recovery for unmanned surface vessels in the Maritime Defence and Security Sector.
  • Nimblic has developed Medtasker, a mobile task manager and communication platform for hospitals to improve patient safety, increase efficiency and reduce risk.
  • Quantum Brilliance is establishing a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility for its room temperature quantum computers.
  • Unleash Live has developed an artificial intelligence software for analysing video, with real time data analytics.

What are the grants for?

The Accelerating Commercialisation grants help businesses turn good ideas into marketable products and services through activities such as trials, upscaling and connecting with new markets.

Experienced Commercialisation Facilitators work with the businesses through the different stages of their business building process to guide them and provide advice.

Since the launch of the Accelerating Commercialisation grants in 2014, 503 matched grants worth more than $240 million have been offered to Australian businesses to help them commercialise their innovative products and services.

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