Jesinta Franklin unveiled as face of First Nations swim brand, Liandra

Fashion Icon Jesinta Franklin Leads Liandra’s Fruits of the Sea Campaign.

In a groundbreaking collaboration, celebrated model and media personality Jesinta Franklin has been revealed as the face of Liandra’s latest collection, “Fruits of the Sea”. The announcement marks a significant moment for the sustainable and socially conscious First Nations swimwear brand.

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Brand Commitment to Storytelling and Conservation

Jesinta Franklin expressed her enthusiasm for being part of Liandra’s commitment to storytelling and conservation.

“I am thrilled to partner with Australian Fashion brand Liandra to bring this beautiful collection to life,” she said.

A Collaboration Rooted in Connection and Values

Gaykamangu shared her excitement about collaborating with another influential Australian woman in the fashion industry, emphasizing Liandra’s inclusive ethos. The collaboration between Franklin and Gaykamangu blossomed from mutual friends and Instagram DMs, culminating in a shared vision for the brand’s values.

Sustainability and Ethical Practices at the Core

The Fruits of the Sea collection features sustainable swimwear fabrics and upcycled consumer plastics, aligning with Liandra’s commitment to ethical and environmental sustainability. Hand-drawn prints inspired by traditional storytelling and culture adorn the collection, offering a fresh interpretation of Australian heritage.

Celebrating Sisterhood and Cultural Continuation

Gaykamangu’s personal experiences as a Yolngu woman inform the collection’s themes of sisterhood and cultural heritage. The prints in the collection represent various elements of Australia’s interconnected ecosystem, celebrating the enduring traditions of storytelling and community.

Evolution into a Lifestyle Brand

Led creatively by Jack Minmidi, the campaign signifies Liandra’s transition into a lifestyle brand, expanding beyond swimwear to include ready-to-wear linen pieces. This evolution represents an exciting shift for both consumers and buyers, signaling Liandra’s growth and adaptability in the fashion industry.

The collaboration between Jesinta Franklin and Liandra embodies a shared commitment to sustainability, cultural appreciation, and inclusive fashion, marking a significant milestone in the Australian fashion landscape.

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