Linkedin Workshops Darwin – Curate content for your audience

The Darwin Innovation Hub recently hosted LinkedIn Workshops in Darwin focusing on leveraging the platform for professional growth and business development. The workshop, held on Saturday morning, saw enthusiastic participation from 20 attendees eager to enhance their presence on the platform.

Led by Expert-in-Residence, Dante St James, the event delved into the intricacies of creating impactful content on LinkedIn. With LinkedIn emerging as a pivotal platform for networking and showcasing expertise, attendees were keen to learn how to curate content that resonates with their audience.

The agenda covered crucial aspects such as identifying key areas of expertise, crafting engaging content, and developing sustainable content strategies. Dante St James provided invaluable insights into these topics, equipping participants with actionable strategies to elevate their LinkedIn presence.

The workshop, part of the Darwin Innovation Hub’s ongoing educational initiatives, received positive feedback from attendees who praised its practical approach and informative content.

“It was incredibly insightful to learn how to effectively utilise LinkedIn for professional growth,” remarked one participant.

The event was presented in collaboration with Territory Proud and the Australian Institute of Office Professionals as part of the Darwin Innovation Hub’s Start NT program. Start NT, an exclusive initiative of the Darwin Innovation Hub, offers a comprehensive commercialisation pathway for companies seeking to scale and become investment-ready in the Northern Territory.

Looking ahead, the Darwin Innovation Hub promises more enriching LinkedIn Workshops in Darwin aimed at fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in the region. Interested individuals are encouraged to visit for upcoming opportunities.

For more information on Start NT and other programs offered by the Darwin Innovation Hub, please visit