M4 Medical Pty Ltd – Q3 Incubator Scholarship graduate


Four times per year, the DIH offers the opportunity for Northern Territory based start-ups and entrepreneurs to develop their business within the fastest growing Incubator Hub in Northern Australia.

The Q3 cohort were professionally mentored by our Expert-in-Residence Oliver Ciancio and graduated in September 2020. We are pleased to highlight one of our scholars below.

About the business

M4 Medical Pty Ltd is an Australian company based in Darwin, founded in 2014, which has developed a suite of Cohesive First Aid Dressings (CoFAD) for commercial applications. The CoFAD is an innovative wound care dressing, never seen before in the market place. More recently we have been offered the exclusive distribution rights to the range of M4 HeiQ Reusable face Masks.

We have TWO innovative brands of medical devices:

  1. The Cohesive First Aid Dressing (CoFAD)
  2. M4 HeiQ Viroblock
  3. M4 HeiQ Viroblock Reusable Face Masks
  4. M4 HeiQ Viroblock FFP2 single-use Face Masks

Our products are unique in the sense that CoFAD is a first in the world with its innovative wound care dressing as is the HeiQ Anti-viral/anti-bacterial Facemask, with proven  laboratory testing here in Australia that it kills 99.9% of SARS-CoV-2, Human Corona Virus 229E (ATCC VR-740), Polio, Tuberculosis and a range of viruses and bacteria known to man.

The M4 HeiQ Viroblock reusable face mask with HeiQ Viroblock technology, is a product so innovative because it destroys SARS-CoV-2 on contact that has been proven to be effective against SARS-CoV-2. These results have been verified by tests at the Doherty Institute in Geelong, Victoria.

We have TGA certification, class 1 and when the current TGA post market audit is complete, the mask will be registered as a reusable face mask which destroys pathogens both Antiviral and Antibacterial; a world 1st.

The masks are only the first incarnation of HeiQ Viroblock NPJ03 technology,  developed in Switzerland,  manufactured in Victoria which is applied to fabric during the final stage of the textile manufacturing process.

Tha applications for this technology are vast across multiple front-line emergency services and clinical environments. We intend to apply HeiQ Viroblock NPJ03 technology to the manufacture of hospital scrubs, uniforms, linen and hospital curtains.  So providing the safest clinical care environment for both medical staff and patients against pathogens.

In addition HeiQ Viroblock NPJ03 technology has great application for Defence uniforms and Allied Health Command.

M4 Medical’s forte and expertise is in cutting edge and innovative products. To this end we are completing development on a suite of wound care dressings and are in discussions  with the Australian Defence Force on relevant trials for the CoFAD Coagulant Combat Dressing.

M4 Medical’s Managing director Jeff Buteux provided the following feedback about the program:

 “I think the scholarship program has fantastic merits and would highly recommend any new start-up to make contact and spend some time with the DIH. I feel the information supplied was tailored for my own needs and I see the GREAT benefits that you can offer with the information supplied… The time had come and gone before I knew it… Again, a BIG thank you for your input, advice and suggestions.”

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About the Incubator Scholarship Program

We seek:

  • Ideas that will have a direct positive effect for the Northern Territory
  • Innovation that is impactful and relevant
  • Coachable founders and inventors who are willing to engage with others, attract other skillsets to the team and complete hard but necessary tasks

In return, we offer access to and provision of expert advice, national and international industry leaders and mentors, professional business development workshops, plus access to the DIH Incubator Lab (24/7) and much more.

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