Meet our first cohort!

cohort q1

We are so excited to finally introduce the newest members of the Hub and our first Scholarship Cohort for 2019!

EV2GO | Ollie Berst

THE BERST COMPANY PTY LTD trading as EV2GO (electric vehicle to go) and ESCOOT is in the new market of electric (moped) scooter hire using the free-floating sharing model and electric (moped) scooter sales. The founder Olli Berst is bringing proven sharing service and technology from America and Europe to Australia. EV2GO supplements the hire service with electric scooters from the German manufacturer e-Bility (Kumpan electric). THE BERST COMPANY PTY LTD holds the exclusive right importing all Kumpan electric products into Australia for the use of sharing projects and sales. For the scooter hire/sharing business EV2GO the primary market are the visitors to Darwin and students in Darwin. The secondary market are the local residents.

Connect Environmental | Mihkel Proos

Connect Environmental was started to help businesses in the NT minerals sector to better understand their environmental obligations when it comes to environmental management, assessments or approvals. We help companies simultaneously save money and time while improving environmental outcomes when managing the environments on their site. We understand the gap between government’s expectations of environmental management in the minerals sector, and industry’s understanding of those expectations. We provide professional environmental consulting services (business to business) including the preparation of environmental management plans and approvals documents, as well as advice, training and project management.

HYRA | Athan Paradisis & Joshua Di Lembo

HYRA is a mobile app based business which is aimed at connecting people who have quality products with people who need quality based products. HYRA allows owners of goods to make passive income on items which are not frequently used. HYRA provides insurance to the owners of these goods to ensure peace of mind that their products are safe with us. HYRA allows renters to get their hands on products for a fraction of the price that it would cost to purchase goods.

Requiem Trend | Christine Spielmann

Requiem Trend is a bag company that aims to create timeless styles that people will enjoy forever. Even if the user does part with the product it has the ability to be reused or recycled. The business is currently in start up phase, with a first run product actively selling online and in one retail space. Once established, the business will continue to develop with the market as opportunities arise, further developing its consumer focused model. Requiem Trend is initially focus on the Australian market to grow cash flow and increase customer demand.

Cartel’s Brew | Jari McRae van Lingen

Cartel’s Cold Brew a local start-up which has been operating for just over three months selling cold brew coffee. My business exists in the hospitality sector and is currently only trading locally. However, my long-term goal is to extend my business to all Australian

Aquasense | Michael Bruvel (Remote)

Aquasense is a patented system for low energy water cooling. It has application for maintaining a comfortable water temperature in residential pools in warm areas and controlling excess water temperature in aquaculture ponds in all climatic zones. It has particular relevance as a method for adaptation to higher temperatures associated with climate change. The Aquasense system is commercialization ready. Prototyping and testing of residential pool systems has been completed and a trial of the aquaculture system is commencing in early Jan 2018. This trial is located in an alpine region where trout farming has become increasing difficult due to increasing heatwaves. Following completion of the trial Lateral Industries will focus on developing a partnership for commercialisation in the aquaculture sector. The Aquasense system has a global market for aquaculture and the low cost pool cooling system can be marketed throughout all hot and tropical zones.

This year, we are offering the opportunity for Northern Territory based start-ups and entrepreneurs to develop their business within the fastest growing Incubator Hub in Northern Australia. Our Scholarship offers a program of workshops, one-on-one mentoring with our Entrepreneur and Experts in Residence, exposure to national and international industry leaders and mentors to take your developing idea to that next level. It is designed to help you accelerate your startup through the early stages of growth so that you can quickly find the best path for your startup to reach its full potential. We have been busy building a network of industry professionals, corporate partners, startup gurus, investors, academics and researchers who want to help you succeed.

The next round of Scholarship applications close on the 10th of March, for more information, contact our Program Director Wendy Pech