Meet the 34 grant recipients sharing in the $11.6 million Boosting Female Founders Initiative

Thirty-four Female-Founded Startups Secure Funding in Boosting Female Founders Initiative Round 3

In a bid to empower women entrepreneurs and foster innovation in the startup ecosystem, the Boosting Female Founders Initiative, spearheaded by the Morrison government, has announced the selection of 34 female-founded startup businesses to receive funding in Round 3. This initiative, managed by the Department of Industry, Science, and Resources (DISR), aims to provide grants to women-led businesses, enabling them to expand both domestically and globally. The latest round saw an impressive 697 expressions of interest applications, showcasing the growing interest and potential within the female entrepreneurship landscape.

The selection process was carried out by an Independent Assessment Committee comprising successful women entrepreneurs, ensuring a fair and impartial evaluation of each applicant’s proposal. To be eligible for funding, startups had to meet the criteria of being at least 51 percent women-owned and led.

With a total grant funding pool of $11.6 million allocated for Round 3, successful recipients are set to embark on projects ranging from technological innovations to sustainable consumer products. Here’s a summary of some key projects and their respective grant amounts:


Gaykamangu, Liandra: Awarded $437,500 for the international expansion of Liandra Swim, a premium fashion brand celebrating Indigenous Australian culture

Liandra Swim is a fashion brand that focuses on sustainability and presents contemporary fashion collections showcasing hand-drawn signature prints.

The theme of each collection links the audience to a carefully considered narrative through the ancient Indigenous art of storytelling. The project will support the expansion and diversity of available swimwear inventory into the domestic and international market.

Liandra is still receiving valuable support from the StartNT Program to aid in the development of her business, which offers more global potential in the fashion industry.


  • Accessi Group Pty Ltd: Awarded $400,000 to support the global expansion of Credit Risk Management Software Platforms.
  • Bestie Kitchen Pty Ltd: Secured $249,600 to scale their Pet Supplement & Sustainable Food Range, tapping into the growing market for pet supplements.
  • Black Box Trading Company Pty Ltd: Received $400,000 to develop farming tools driven by data, aiming to provide analytics to the agricultural supply chain.
  • Butter Insurance Pty Ltd: Granted $400,000 to scale Butter Insurance, revolutionizing contents insurance with technology-driven solutions.
  • Compassion Creamery Pty Ltd: Granted $270,000 to launch their Award-Winning Oat Creme Cheese into retail markets, promoting sustainable and ethical food systems.
  • Driveschool Enterprises Pty Ltd: Awarded $300,000 to expand their road safety program, myDRIVESCHOOL®, globally.
  • Evolve Communities Pty Ltd: Secured $443,100 to accelerate allyship and reconciliation initiatives, supporting the Statement of the Heart.
  • Fonz Moto Pty Limited: Granted $393,847 to expand the market for Australian-designed EV motorcycles.
  • Givvable Pty Ltd: Received $397,600 to help businesses reach sustainability targets through their AI-powered platform.
  • Grant’d Pty Ltd: Secured $382,122 to automate and scale their grants service, becoming the go-to solution for grant seekers.
  • Lactamo Holdings Pty Ltd: Awarded $365,000 to respond to national and international demand for their innovative MedTech product for breastfeeding.
  • Pty Ltd: Granted $399,600 to develop an AI-enabled virtual health coach, aiding in injury and illness recovery.
  • Life Skills Group Pty Ltd: Secured $300,000 to develop an SDK for integrating wellbeing tools into web-based systems.
  • Lush Organic Hair & Spa Forest Glen Pty Ltd: Awarded $150,000 to expand Penny Black Organic hair products domestically and globally.
  • Maxme Pty Ltd: Granted $380,599 to empower individuals with digitally-enhanced human skill development experiences.
  • Meditati Pty Ltd: Received $330,000 to disrupt the FemCare market with a revolutionary tampon innovation.
  • Mettleaje Pty Ltd: Awarded $225,995 to boost the global Indigenous extracts market with Thirsty Turtl skincare.
  • MIIROKO Pty Ltd: Secured $400,000 to establish and expand into the Japanese market with their vegan hair color formula.
  • Mineral Fox Pty Ltd: Granted $262,500 to accelerate national expansion with sustainable wall coatings.
  • More Good Days Pty Ltd: Awarded $396,318 to develop a digital pain management program for fibromyalgia.
  • Neomorph Pty Ltd: Secured $300,000 to launch an innovative mouldable mouthguard alternative.
  • Our Trace Pty Ltd: Granted $400,000 to automate carbon footprinting for SMEs.
  • Parking Spotz Pty Ltd: Awarded $388,917 to expand the EV charging market with automated parking bay solutions.
  • Pixii Pty Ltd: Secured $133,740 to bring equality to bathrooms with tech-enabled period product dispensers.
  • The Paw Grocer Pty Ltd: Granted $400,000 to scale in both domestic and export premium pet food markets.
  • The One Two Pty Ltd: Awarded $362,521 to expand globally with hyper-personalized bra shopping experiences.
  • Theratrak Pty Ltd: Secured $150,000 to support the disability sector with innovative online therapy tools.
  • Vapar Innovation Pty Ltd: Granted $300,000 to expand AI sewer technology into the USA.
  • VETNexus Pty Ltd: Awarded $200,000 to bridge the digital skills gap with their Digital Literacy Licence.
  • X-Hemp Pty Ltd: Secured $480,000 to scale environmentally-friendly hemp building products.
  • Zondii Pty Ltd: Granted $427,000 to launch a wool scanning device and empower female leaders in agriculture.

These diverse projects highlight the breadth of innovation and entrepreneurship among women-led startups in Australia. With government support and funding, these businesses are poised to make significant contributions to the economy while addressing critical societal and environmental challenges.