Do you need to build a prototype?


First of all, what is a prototype? Put quite simply, it is an early stage sample, model, or release of your idea specifically built to trial or test what will work and what won’t.

One of the most exciting things about creating a prototype is that the finished product enables you to see your idea transformed into something real for the first time. At this stage in your development, you are encouraged to remember what inspired this idea and what is driving you to make it a success.

But where do you begin? Who can help you create something that doesn’t exist yet? How much money will it cost? Is it going to work?

At the Darwin Innovation Hub, we can help you by providing access and knowledge on grants for developing prototypes. We can also put your business in-front of the right people, mentors and commercial experts who can scrutinise your prototype, offer advice on what works and what may work better and maybe also help fund future developments.