New collaboration to accelerate growth of small and medium companies in the Northern Territory

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Companies in the Northern Territory that want to grow are being offered a suite of programs by The Australian Centre for Business Growth (AUCBG), the Chamber of Commerce Northern Territory (CCNT), and the Darwin Innovation Hub (DIH).

The programs – “Assessment Clinics” “Growth Ramp” “Business Growth Modules” and “Execute and Grow” – are components of the Business Acceleration Program, an initiative of the Northern Territory Government, sponsored by the Chamber and Darwin Innovation Hub, and designed and delivered by the AUCBG.

The Assessment Clinics and Growth Ramps are fully subsidised, and the Business Modules and Execute & Grow programs are partially subsidised by the Northern Territory Government. The Centre is also working with the Northern Territory Indigenous Business Network (NTIBN) to identify Indigenous owned companies for entry into these growth programs.

ANZ Chair in Business Growth and Director of the Australian Centre for Business Growth, Dr Jana Matthews says that the Centre has been teaching business growth programs for the past three years to NT business owners, CEOs and Managing Directors who have wanted to learn how to grow their companies.

“The Northern Territory has experienced minimal disruption from COVID and has become an attractive tourist destination for Australians who cannot travel abroad,” Dr Matthews says.

“This, plus mining, oil and gas exploration, agriculture, construction, and a build-up in defence spending are having positive impacts on the Territory’s economy.

“Given the growth opportunities in these sectors, it is critically important that business owners of small and medium enterprises understand how to grow their companies and capitalise on these opportunities.

“Our Assessment Clinic and Growth Ramp programs provide a solid foundation for business owners of companies with 5-11 employees.

“Our Assessment Clinics plus Growth Modules equip business owners, MDs, and CEOs of companies with 12-200 employees with the knowledge and skills required to accelerate growth and scale their companies.

“We are delighted to be collaborating with the Chamber of Commerce Northern Territory, the Darwin Innovation Hub, and the Northern Territory Indigenous Business Network to identify companies that will benefit from our growth programs so that more NT companies can grow and create more jobs.”

CEO of the Chamber of Commerce Northern Territory, Greg Ireland says the AUCBG’s business growth programs have added a lot of value to local businesses.

“If we want to continue to grow the economy of the Northern Territory, we need to provide the owners and managing directors of NT companies with the knowledge and skills they need to grow their companies,’’ Mr Ireland says.

“We encourage small and medium companies who want to grow to sign up for an Assessment Clinic as soon as possible, because places are limited.”

Chief Operating Officer of Darwin Innovation Hub Emma Nesbitt says the DIH is excited to continue working with the Centre to offer Growth Modules and a new program, Execute & Grow, to NT companies.

“Over the past three years we have seen the impact that the Centre’s programs, taught by Growth Experts, have had on the business owners who have come to the programs,’’ she says.

“We are pleased the NT Government is continuing the programs.”

Northern Territory Indigenous Business Network Chief Executive Officer Jerome Cubillo says:

“We have heard great things about the Business Acceleration Program and look forward to working with the Centre and recommending Indigenous companies who could benefit from the growth programs.”

More information about the programs

One-day Assessment Clinics are taught by a Growth Expert and are designed for four business owners, CEOs, and Managing Directors of companies with 5 to 199 employees. During the Clinic, they will review what happens during growth and how their leadership roles and responsibilities change as the company grows. After analysing their company, they develop a Growth Action Plan for their company and a Leadership Development Plan for themselves. Three, one-day Assessment Clinics are scheduled to be delivered face-to-face in the Northern Territory in August and September. Other Clinics will be delivered in real time/online, via Zoom, starting 23 July 2021. The NT Government is fully subsidising the fees for 40 local business owners for participation in Assessment Clinics.

Six monthly Growth Ramp sessions are designed for groups of 4 to 5 business owners of companies with 5 to 11 employees who have already attended a Clinic. Each session is delivered in real time or on-line via Zoom with a Growth Expert teaching participants and conducting a coaching call with each participant, between sessions. Participants learn how to scale their companies, hire and retain the right people, market and sell to ideal customers, and figure out the best strategies and tactics to build their organisation for growth. The NT Government is fully subsidising the fees for 24 business owners in the Growth Ramp program.

The NT Government is partially subsidising business Growth Modules for eight companies. The business owner, CEO or MD must have completed a Clinic, have between 12-199 employees, be willing to bring along at least two other members of their executive team, and do the prep work and homework.

The Execute & Grow program is for alumni of AUCBG programs. The NT Government is partially subsidising six spots for company teams who have completed the Growth Modules.

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