New report reveals the future has never been brighter for Australia’s space industry


Every business will be a space business in 2030, with massive implications for Australia’s growing $5 billion space sector, according to KPMG Australia’s new report 30 Voices on 2030 – The future of space.

With the world at a “pivotal point for space”, the global space industry is expected to be worth US$600 billion by 2030, and Australia’s 14,000 strong space workforce has been growing at 10.9 per cent annually over the past five years.

The report contains interviews with 30 industry leaders about the changes and opportunities presented by space.

Experts who contributed to the report include Dr Megan Clark, head of the Australian Space Agency; James Morhard, the deputy administrator of NASA; Dr Jan Wörner, the director general of the European Space Agency.

They are joined by space industry executives and entrepreneurs, and specialists in areas as diverse as space medicine and space agriculture.

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