Australia’s first Open Community Data Exchange ecosystem up and running in Darwin

The Darwin Innovation Hub is proud to be a founding partner of the Switching on Darwin Program committed to initiating and expanding participation in the data economy, governance and advocacy for wider community participation and provision of supporting data services.

Today, Civic Analytica announced their collaboration with executives from City of Darwin and key stakeholders from the broader community and innovative data service partners to create the first Open Community Data Exchange ecosystem in Australia.

The Data Exchange leverages the power of the cumulative data assets from various smart technologies and data services deployed so far and in future, as well as the data assets of an expanding ecosystem of public and private sector community stakeholders to ignite and grow a Data Economy.

As part of a Data Engagement, Enablement and Exchange Program (DEEEP), this enables an expanding ecosystem of organisations in Darwin and beyond to “Go DEEEP with Data” – make better decisions, develop better products & services, provide more engaging experiences, build community-wide digital skills, and leverage shared-intelligence with diverse data to innovate at scale.