Paspalis Supporting Liandra Essence Launch at 2024 AFW

Paspalis Investee LIANDRA took centre stage to present her new collection “ESSENCE” at the 2024 Australian Fashion Week.

Australian Fashion Week, the nation’s premier fashion extravaganza, concluded its 2024 edition on May 13th, solidifying its status as the Asia-Pacific region’s most influential sartorial showcase. Held annually in Sydney, this year’s event brought together established industry titans and emerging talents, offering a glimpse into the future of Australian fashion.

Karmen Karamanian and Kate Russell from the Darwin Innovation Hub attended Liandra Gaykamangu’s  launch to show their support and preview Liandra’s latest designs. The Darwin Innovation Hub recognises Liandra’s dedication and remarkable growth. Her first standalone fashion show is a significant milestone, and DIH looks forward to seeing Liandra’s business develop. Paspalis has invested in Liandra because of the global commercial potential of her products.

Karmen Karamanian, said, “The care and attention devoted to this range by Liandra was truely inspiring”.

Witnessing not only the new launch of her “ESSENCE” collection, but to see that Liandra Gaykamangu made her solo debut at the 2024 Australian Fashion Week. The event marked a pivotal moment in Liandra’s career, showcasing not just Liandra Swim, but the broader brand, simply known as Liandra, mentioning her stepping into a new brand direction – “not just swimwear but normal wear”.

“I’m really hoping and looking forward to being able to grow our wholesale business and tapping into more opportunities to be physically present in the Australian market, but also globally, and looking to really penetrate key parts of the international space” – Liandra.

The collection “ESSENCE” graced the fashion runway with captivating designs embracing sustainability, celebrating diverse body shapes, and promoting inclusivity. The brand’s vibrant and innovative swimwear pieces captivated audiences, embodying the quintessential Australian spirit of effortless style and coastal living.

Liandra Gaykamangu’s presence not only highlighted her influence within the fashion industry but also served as a testament to her entrepreneurial spirit and creative vision. The event marked a milestone for Liandra, showcasing not only her innovative approach to swimwear but also her unwavering commitment to ethical and environmentally conscious production methods. It was a momentous occasion that solidified Liandra’s position as a trailblazer in the fashion industry.

The fashion runway also featured the brand Liandra Swim’s debut venture into accessories with a collaboration between Liandra and Pared eyewear. Designed to complement the “ESSENCE” collection, the eyewear collection features bold designs with gradient lenses and handcrafted frames adorned with a hand-drawn native honey bee motif, emphasising the brand’s commitment to sustainability.

About Liandra

Liandra is an Australian swimwear brand founded by Liandra Gaykamangu. The brand focuses on creating stylish and sustainable swimwear pieces that celebrate Indigenous Australian culture and support local communities.

Through its unique designs and commitment to ethical production, Liandra Swim aims to promote cultural awareness and environmental sustainability in the fashion industry.

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About Australia Fashion Week

From its very beginnings, Australian Fashion Week has remained steadfast in its mission to offer a global stage for the nation’s fashion industry. Its focus has been on highlighting the talents of both established and emerging Australian designers.

Drawing inspiration from the vibrant Australian lifestyle and culture, the event has consistently showcased a diverse array of fashion, with special attention given to swimwear and streetwear.

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About Paspalis Innovation Investment Fund

Helping to stimulate the fashion industry in the Northern Territory, PIIF has invested into Liandra since 2022.

Paspalis is one of Australia’s leading private investment firms. Their business aligns its interests with those of their investors and partners for lasting impact in Australia’s North.

Paspalis invests in both Australian and Offshore high growth companies looking to grow their businesses in the Northern Territory. When Paspalis invest, they are able to leverage their reputation, knowledge, programs and network, providing meaningful positive value to their investees.

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