Paspalis Welcomes Vietnamese Delegations at the DIH

Paspalis and Vietnamese Association of Foreign Invested Enterprises (VAFIE) Delegation Discuss Investment Opportunities

Representatives from Paspalis and the Darwin Innovation Hub (DIH) recently met with a delegation from the VAFIE to explore mutual investment opportunities and strengthen bilateral trade and investment between North Australia and Vietnam.

Leading the Paspalis team were Mr. Harley Paroulakis, CEO of Paspalis Corporation, Mr. Alex Farrugia, Investment Manager of Paspalis, and Mr. Dante St James, Director of Investment Readiness & Mentor at the Darwin Innovation Hub. The VAFIE delegation was headed by Mr. Nguyễn Ngọc Mỹ, Deputy Chairman of VAIFE and Chairman of the Northern Territory – Vietnamese Business Council (NTVVC).

The discussions focused on potential venture capital investments, co-investment partnerships, and the export and import potential across various sectors, including food supply chains, tourism, logistics, and building and construction. Paspalis expressed keen interest in early-stage investment opportunities in Vietnam that could drive economic productivity, growth, and job creation in the NT.

Paspalis highlighted its successful investment history in the Asia Pacific, citing examples such as Aliena and Atomionics, and reiterated its commitment to identifying and progressing high-value investment opportunities in Vietnam.

Mr. Nguyễn Ngọc Mỹ underscored the potential benefits of leveraging the comparative strengths of the Northern Territory and Vietnam. The VAFIE delegation also expressed interest in opportunities related to vocational training and the export of skilled labor from Vietnam to the Northern Territory.

Both Paspalis and VAFIE delegation agreed to continue maturing their conversations around innovation and investment in Australia’s north.

Paspalis is a leading private investment firm in Northern Australia, dedicated to facilitating direct venture capital investment into high-quality opportunities in the Asia Pacific region that provide economic benefits to the NT.

This meeting marks a significant step forward in fostering closer economic ties and exploring mutually beneficial investment opportunities between North Australia and Vietnam.

About Paspalis Innovation Investment Fund

Paspalis is one of Australia’s leading private investment firms. Their business aligns its interests with those of their investors and partners for lasting impact in Australia’s North.

Paspalis invests in both Australian and Offshore high growth companies looking to grow their businesses in the Northern Territory. When Paspalis invest, they are able to leverage their reputation, knowledge, programs and network, providing meaningful positive value to their investees.

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