PIIF Supporting ‘Life H2O’ in Improving Water Quality for Life 


Life H2O Croc Pitch

Winning $300,000 of venture capital at Croc Pitch 2021, Life H2O impressed both the judges and audience with their innovative design for the manufacture of military grade, fit for purpose water purification and desalination equipment.

100% Australian owned and Northern Territory based, Life h2o Australia is an Advanced Manufacturing company. Their growing suite of products includes portable and static water purification systems that are easily deployed, robust and energy efficient for use in a wide range of military and civilian applications.

They offer customisable and off-the-shelf options that incorporate pre-filtration and ultra-filtration processes that remove hard metals, harmful chemicals, dissolved minerals, viruses and bacteria from almost any water source. In contrast with other more traditional water purification techniques, additional post-processing of the product water ensures water quality standards are exceeded. Optimum health benefits are achieved by controlling PH levels and reintroducing the right quantities of essential minerals required by the human body. With various power inputs from mains power and motor driven generators, to low voltage systems and renewables, there is a solution to suit any application and operational environment.

Life h2o Australia aims to make a splash in Northern Australia by providing locally manufactured products that unlock the regions and service the Northern Territory Government’s identified high growth industry sectors. In addition, they will continue their journey to support our nation’s defence force, foreign aid efforts and disaster preparedness initiatives in the Indo-Pacific region. Life H2O are continually innovating, developing, and improving their business practices, products and services, focussing on sovereign capability, environmental sustainability, complete product lifecycle support and delivering life saving solutions.

As of now, Life H2O have engaged with government and industries in:

  • Innovation Patent granted on variety of prototypes
  • Live trials and system deployment by Australian Defence Force (Navy / Army)
  • ADF Preferred Supplier – Inclusion in Australian Military Sales Catalogue 2021 / 2022 (Defence Export Controls approval)
  • Centre for Defence Industry Capability (CDIC) – Capability Improvement Grant
  • Collaboration – NT Fire and Emergency Services – Required capability for Disaster Response
  • Collaboration – NT remote communities to provide site / situation specific water improvement strategies

Paspalis Innovation Investment Fund and Darwin Innovation Hub will continue to support Croc Pitch winner, Managing Director of Life H2O, Charley Feros in growing their business.