Power Generators to Arnhem Space Centre (ASC)

It’s a bright day at 

ELA has taken delivery of four massive power generators that will provide the core energy supply for the Arnhem Space Centre (ASC), Australia.

The power generators are on the move and will receive some final tailored fittings before reaching their home at the ASC – the first commercial, equatorial launch on-demand facility in the world.

The ASC’s energy complex is initially based on generators to ensure 24-hour day/night capability, with the capacity to power the equivalent of over 2,500 Northern Territory homes. In fact, future energy generation at the ASC could provide the same amount of power used to support all the homes in the local region, an area the size of Belgium!

The next phase for the site includes plans to further enhance capacity with the use of leading solar/green technologies. This is consistent with ELA’s vision to continue driving world-leading environmental spaceport practices.

We’re proud of the ELA energy and communications team lead by Marco Pavincich, & their two years of hard work to ensure power at the ASC meets the very high standards required for NASA launches, a huge benefit to all ASC customers now & into the future.