Roaring success for Spee3D in Singapore in the space of 6 months

The Spee3D founders have a proven track record of developing and commercialising innovative technologies. From that earlier commercialization, the team understands the challenges mass production manufacturers face, especially cast parts manufacturing. They now leverage their experience, engineering, math and materials expertise to bear with an innovation that will transform additive manufacturing.

Events moved very quickly for Spee3D from their first meeting with Mr Harley Paroulakis f the Darwin Innovation Hub with the then Australian High Commissioner to Singapore, Philip Green. This was followed by introductions to Dr Ho Chaw Sing of Singapore’s National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Centre (NAMIC). Initially, to partners with the National Technological University of Singapore (NTU) & to engage Dr Ho as the Entrepreneur in Residence for Darin Innovation Hub.

In June, Anthony Cheng, NT Business Development Manager in Austrade accompanied Mr Paroulakis & Spee3D CTO Steven Camilleri to meetings with Dr Ho, the Singapore University of Technology & Design (SUTD), the Economic Development Board & interested industry users. from these introductory meetings, NAMIC proceeded to arrange introductions to other major heavy industry conglomerates and SPRING Singapore. Christopher SOH, Senior Business Development Manager and Anthony were also invited to join Spee3D at these meetings.

From here on, Spee3D is poised to reap more success:

  1. NAMIC, Singapore Polytechnic and an industry partner’s tripartite joint lease of Spee3D’s Lightspeed cold-spray printer.
  2. Apart from active negotiations underway with various industry heavyweights for more advanced application of their 3D printer, Spee3D will also be collaborating with A*STAR’s Advanced Remanufacturing & Technology Centre (ARTC) for other manufacturing applications.
  3. EDB Investments has expressed interest in Spee3D’s Series B fund raising of $A$10 million.

Austrade Singapore value added to Spee3D’s successes through relationship management, sourcing fresh leads and continuous  follow-up with customers in Singapore. The Singapore Government’s coherant strategy & execution speed in courting and entrenching additive manufacturing for Singapore’s future economy has also helped Spee3D’s early adoption in Singapore.