Belly Bunker Awarded Second Prize at Croc Pitch 2018

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second prize

second prize

Congratulations to Amy Page who was awarded second prize at Croc Pitch 2018!

Finding comfortable and pressure relieving positions for your spine, hips, bladder, lungs, stomach, pelvis, knees, basically everything while pregnant can be almost impossible, until now!

Belly Bunker is a must have for all pregnant women, allowing the body to be in a more natural position, releasing tension from the hip ligaments.

The possibilities are endless with Belly Bunker as pregnant women are no longer limited to laying uncomfortably on their backs, enjoy it in the pool, at the beach, in the park, getting a massage, doing yoga, or even getting the much craved night’s sleep.

Luxurious in height and width ensures every woman feels comfortable and secure. The convenient fold design and waterproof material makes it easy to clean, store and transport anywhere without having to inflate and deflate every time.

Each Belly Bunker comes with a support band, providing additional support, not only for your spine but your skin as well.

Embracing you, protecting your baby!

Belly Bunker