Shenzhen 2018 International Biotechnology Summit

The Hi-Tech Industrial Innovation Centre (HIIC) in Shenzhen invited Darwin Innovation Hub and Paspalis Asset Management as guests to the 2018 International Biotechnology Summit, held in Shenzhen.

The International Biotechnology Summit has been running for the last 7 years and has become the world’s largest in scale international biotech innovation event. 100 strong scholars, including one noble-prize winner, industry professionals, government representatives and venture capital investors have been invited to attend this annual event which sees audiences of over 5,000. This year, the Summit welcomed participation from the Australian academic circle, incubators and the biotech industry, represented by Darwin Innovation Hub, Monash University and Admedus Corp.

Both the Shenzhen Government and the HIIC have expressed strong interests in collaborating with Darwin Innovation Hub and Paspalis Asset Management in creating a China-Australia pitching competition module in 2019 by leveraging the Paspalis Innovation Investment Fund to invest in Australian companies seeking to commercialise in the China market and Chinese companies seeking to commercialise in the Australian market.

Shenzhen Municipal Government, Ministries of Science and Technology, Ministry of Health and Chinese Academy of Science and Engineering are sitting on the steering committee and the is co-hosted by the Shenzhen Development and Reform Commission and the Shenzhen Science and Innovation Commission. HIIC has organised this event with sponsorship from one of the leading biotech companies in China.